We Discuss How Gaming and Politics Went Hand-in-Hand in 2017

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Part of Persona 5 plot mirror’s the current USA from a person offering help to the people of Japan but looking to underhand them. Toranosuke Yoshida has a similar stance to Berin while looking to step away from his poor past in politics. You meet him at your job and he comments on how it unfair that you are working alone.

To @austin_walker about what could a more sustainable game industry look. Do we. consumer of games, need to learn to wait for our games to come out and have devs take their time to make them?

Start dreaming.
Start dreaming, and we’ll see if our dreams line up.

I want to make a crack about motivational posters, but I honestly found this line genuinely inspiring? Austin remains: Good At This.

Still haven’t figured out the whole google home ad break thing huh? Ok then.