We Discuss Nick Robinson, Harassment, and Power Dynamics on Waypoint Radio


Since Monday, I’ve had a hard time not thinking about this. My heart goes out to everybody involved.

The victims.

The friends of victims that maintained secrecy to protect their friends.

Nick’s friends and colleagues, like Griffin, who must be beyond fucking devastated.

Nick’s family, who have to acknowledge, digest, and eventually come to peace with it.

Every person on the internet that heard this news and feels disgusted to have been associated with it, even just as a fan. Or those, like myself, in whom it triggers horrible memories.

I absolutely, by no degree sympathize or empathize with Nick. Any consequences he faces are of his own making and well deserved. That said, I can only imagine the crushing embarrassment and guilt. His life will never be the same. I hope, because he’s a human being too, albeit a shitty one, that he can seek help. My hope is that he can turn this around and do something good with his life that helps people.

If there is any silver lining, at all, it’s that this issue, which is a global issue that has occurred since, well, forever, has been brought to light as present in a community that we want to think is generally safe. As Austin said: “it’s just shitty all around” And as so many have said in this thread “I always thought there was something up with Nick.”


That’s what I’m most interested in seeing. I would rather see him seek redemption and try to rejoin the community he betrayed rather than become the bad boy (Alex Day style) and join the GamerGate crowd. I don’t think we can ever excuse or forgive him, but he’s a human being who has to support himself, which means he is going to find another job and it will probably be in the career that he’s already worked in for so long. Realistically, he’s going to stay in video production and, unfortunately, it looks like his best method of making ends meet is writing for some shitty “red pill” site.


I really absolutely do not want to sound like a dick here but the gaming community/industry etc is ultimately what gave him the power that he then wielded irresponsibly. It is a privilege to be visible and he abused that, and whether he supports himself on it or not, it is not the industry’s responsibility to welcome him back into the community if they don’t want him to (and I imagine anyone affected by him does not want him to).

How he supports himself from now on is of absolutely no concern to anyone, if you abuse the trust and power you’re given, you lost that privilege.

He can video produce wherever the fuck he wants but idk, I don’t want him back.

Edit: I wanted to just clarify that I don’t really believe in “one strike and you’re out” systems for communities unless someone has caused tangible harm to a person and/or welcoming them back would allow them to continue that harm. If Nick continued to have the platform he once did, there is no telling whether or not he would abuse that again and I, personally, don’t think we owe that to him.


We owe him nothing. I’m just saying, people do reprehensible things and still have to re-enter society. While it’s not the same thing, I often think about a documentary called Pervert Park which interviews several citizens at a trailer park designed to house sex offenders. All of these people have done inexcusable and unforgivable things. But you can’t remove these people from society.

I’m not saying we have to forgive Nick or that anyone owes him anything. I’m just curious, from a sociological perspective, what will happen next.


I don’t think he should be trusted with power or prominence in the community ever again if even a fraction of these allegations are proven true.


So I’ve been pretty upset. I thank Waypoint for confronting and discussing Nick Robinson on the podcast, and I’d like to thank the mods for letting this discussion take course as a lot of people are upset and need a place to talk about this and express their feelings in a safe place.

Just some other general thoughts:

  1. It’s okay if you didn’t see this coming. A lot of people didn’t. I didn’t. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. As Austin mentioned, it’s not always easy to spot a predator and that is part of what made this so much more upsetting to everyone.
  2. If Nick Robinson does return and try to reedeem himself, as so many others said better than me, you don’t owe him anything. He knew better than to be like this, but he was a selfish pos taking advantage of his power. Don’t empower people who have been known to abuse it.
  3. Slightly related, just as general advise for anyone unsure of what to do when someone confides in you about a sexual assault, an abusive relationship, or sexual harassment, I’ve learned the best approach is to not try and solve their problems, be sincere, and most importantly: listen. Simple gestures of kindness go a long way in these situations too, you don’t need to make some big speech or anything. Often there isn’t anything clear to say. Make some tea, give them a hug (if they’re comfortable with that), find a blanket. I know I’m preaching to choir with all this, but I feel it’s important to mention anyways.


I appreciate the conversation in the podcast, and as it’s unfolded in this thread. A huge thank you to those who’ve shared their stories.

This whole thing has me thinking about the terminology we use, and the sort of image certain terms project in the public sphere. (Just to be clear, the following speaks strictly to the way people who’ve never met Nick might perceive him.)

I’m not sure where, specifically, the popularity of “boy” came from (I was not a follower of Nick’s and have never really listened to/watched any McElroy content), but I am aware that “boy” is used very often in that circle, and by fans of their content. I also know that I see it a lot on Leftist Twitter, and Weird Twitter (I guess they’re basically one and the same, at this point). Popular figureheads are called “#1 good boys” with memetic regularity.

I find this kind of language to be…weird. Uncomfortable, even. I get that it’s purposefully silly and ironic, but I have to wonder if, through repetition, it has influenced how people who don’t know these “boys” actually perceive them. Perhaps that’s what made some of these allegations so weird and shocking for so many onlookers and fans. I remember when he appeared on a GB stream, and the chat was just a torrent of "GOOD BOY"s. Nick is an adult man. Adult men are capable of things that boys are not. They feel things that boys do not.

The point, for me, is that just as the infantilization of the Trump sons has served to reframe insidious behavior as bumbling youthfulness, I think that infantilizing “good” people is, if not harmful (though I might err on this side), at least a disservice to everyone.


Nick also made a statement.


His response is thoughtful at first but some of the language in it about what he did only being “flirting” or only “some of the advances being unwanted” is kind of strange. Doesn’t add up to what some people were saying about how aggressive he was.

Hopefully he’s serious about bettering himself though.


I don’t entirely buy it but I don’t know that he could have said anything to make me believe him.

I do however hope he means it when he says he’s going to improve


I don’t really understand the crux of Nick’s statements. Is he saying the things he did were fine so long as he did them as a nobody but they’re a problem only now that he has some sort of authority or power? If so, I think he’s inherently misunderstood the ramifications of his actions.

Twitter seems like a poor place for any private flirting whatsoever. It’s even worse to do it in creepy or aggressive ways.


The statement either reads like a non-apology or a shockingly ignorant one.

What he did is bad no matter who he is. It’s made worse when he’s in a position of power for some reasons, sure, but it’s a bad, awful thing when he’s just some guy doing it too.

Still don’t trust this dude at all; hope his fans will continue to keep him at a distance until he proves he’s shaping up on any of this and really learning a life lesson. Actually, I hope no one hires him in the industry again, but that’s just me.


He kind of said the only thing he could say in this situation. Even if he means it, the damage has already been done. I’m not sure I believe the part of him not realizing he had slipped into a role of power. I think that would be pretty stark when you are seeing all the fan art/fan outreach he mentioned on in the same statement. It all depends on taking him at face value, which is already highly suspect.

I hope he comes out of this a better human being, but he doesn’t really deserve to be in any position of power ever again.


bye bye see you never


I’m not sure I believe the part of him not realizing he had slipped into a role of power. I think that would be pretty stark when you are seeing all the fan art/fan outreach he mentioned on in the same statement. It all depends on taking him at face value, which is already highly suspect.

This is precisely why I don’t trust this “sweet boy” “good boy” bullshit. It’s so fuckin easy for him to say “I didn’t grow up with my evolving position of power. After all, I am just a boy,” which is basically what he has done.


Or, I dunno, maybe asking women for nudes on Twitter is inappropriate even if you have zero followers.

I’ll be honest, this reads like it came from some kind of Woke Twitter Bot.


I don’t know if an acceptable apology is even possible at this point. I can see him getting to a place where he can say, “I was wrong and abusive and it was despicable” and really mean it but that is going to take years. I think this is probably the best we could hope for at this point along with the hope that he takes this journey he’s on now to being a better person seriously.

EDIT: I don’t want this to read as me being a Nick apologist. I’m done with him, probably forever. but you know, I hope everybody bad gets better.


There are parts of his statement where he almost seems to grasp the gravity of the damage he’s done to those directly affected by his behavior and the community at large, but it’s just not quite what I think a lot of people needed to hear.

There’s no perfect statement like this to be made, especially when you’ve dug such a deep hole for yourself with gross behavior over an extended period of time. However, his characterization of what he did as seemingly harmless flirting is at odds with a lot of what was said to have actually occurred by multiple people. That’s alarming and disappointing, and seems like him only owning up to things he think won’t permanently threaten his reputation and employment potential.

Also curious what he, or anyone really, thinks can be done to redeem himself and return to the public eye, let alone return to a welcoming community. I hope by “earn back trust” he doesn’t just mean “hide from everyone for a bit and hope you all forget about this.” I hope he understands just how unlikely that is.


what a twee ass bunch of nothing that statement is.


I think the problem is that it’s half of a good response. It IS true that being in a position of power adds an extra dimension to the dynamics at play when he does things like that, so going in with that angle isn’t wrong…

…but he doesn’t seem to grasp that people objected to his behaviour even without that context.

He could have said that he crossed the lines too many times from what he saw as a little flirting and into harrassment, and he recognises that’s not okay. He could have started there and then moved on to saying that by being in a position of power as someone with a following, he amplified the harm this did.

Instead, it almost comes across that he didn’t see the problem at all until he thought about the power dynamics.