We Discuss Nick Robinson, Harassment, and Power Dynamics on Waypoint Radio


I’ve always tried to be thoughtful and considerate

if that were the case, Nick, you wouldn’t have been in this position in the first place. Being an abuser hinges on the fact that you don’t care about being thoughtful and considerate.

This is bull but I guess what I expected too.


The repeated use of the word “flirting” is the part that makes the statement ring hollow for me.


I was thinking the same thing. The use of the word “flirting” here feels disingenuous. Or at least it feels the same as when I’ve apologized to friends before for wronging them and softening what I did in my apology. :frowning:


another point that a friend brought up is how much he focuses the statement on himself, not the victims. “Oh man, I was in a position of power,” “my fame got to me,” and not much - if at all - along the lines of “I put people in a terrible place because of what I did,” which is just…blegh.


Here’s the thing. It’s not like it’s impossible to find people to flirt with at, say, the library. But the vast majority of the people are there for a different reason. If you’re always trying to flirt with people at the library, at best you are going to make people annoyed and uncomfortable. And when people don’t tell you to get the fuck out of their face, because they’re uncomfortable or don’t want to create a scene or whatever, and you take that as permission to continue, you’re going to cross the line from creepy to dangerous.

If you want to flirt, go on OK Cupid. Don’t go to the library.


I’m mostly frustrated with how the apology seems to frame what he did as “unwanted flirting” or something, rather than as sexual harassment. It really downplays the severity of what happened. Plus, it means that he (or people who want to defend him) and point and say, ‘look, he apologized for flirting too much!’ without having to confront what actually happened, if that makes sense

This tweet kinda more succinctly captures how I feel about it. It’s an apology wherein he doesn’t actually own up to what he did wrong.


I don’t buy his apology because I know he knew what he did and good riddance to him. I hope everyone thinks twice about hiring him if they hope to not endanger their fanbase or other employees. I hope he dissolves into irrelevancy. I hope he disappears.

The unfortunate problem is this is a huge society problem, not just gaming, this happens in so many other places where people, particularly men are allowed to use their influence and ability to validate fans (and colleagues). I had something similar happen to me with a college radio DJ. This was well before social media or games journalism was a thing on the internet.


It’s like his apology was written for the people who didn’t hear about this until last week. Anyone who listened to the podcast or read this board could’ve written the exact same thing. There was no insight, and the only thing that even approached self-reflection was framed as an excuse.


His statement was bad. I’m not even going to give it the gravity of referring to it as an apology.


You know an apology ain’t shit when the person apologizing doesn’t even correctly identify what they’re sorry for.


i’m with you, but then again, i don’t know shit about how the victim’s felt.


His ‘apology’ reads like he’s only actually sorry that he got caught.


‘I was sleaze on Twitter before I was famous so forgive me for being a sleaze on Twitter after I was famous.’


yeah, or even the extent of the abuse. what I have seen may well not be the worst of it based on the implications floating around. one kind of horrific revelation I have had through all of this is that there’s a secret under-conversation constantly going on between women about which guys are Bad News.


These conversational undercurrents have been a constant for people other than Nick in other careers/industries; it’s sort of how women survive, knowing that we aren’t likely to wind up doing anything of consequence by reporting industry scumbags through what should be the usual channels

For a similar case of this, look up a former CBC radio host named Jian Ghomeshi; he was so renowned for harassment and assault that as soon as women entered the Canadian music industry as journalists or otherwise, they were warned by other women never to be alone with him. I’ve heard of how even people responsible for co-op placements with colleges and universities warned prospective women not to accept offers to work for his show.

At the very least he also lost his job and fell into obscurity, and prompted some good conversations about how the Canadian legal system needs to catch up. I hope that similarly the Nick stuff prompts conversations about what should happen in the games industry when someone is known to be treating people like he was, and that the victims at least get some kind of peace in knowing that he faced consequences for his actions. I’d love to say “hopefully this is also the last time this sort of thing happens in games,” but I’m not so naive.


so I’ve seen some more stuff from people with first and second hand experience with Nick’s harassment and I feel now like I have been too sympathetic to the wrong parties.
At this point I don’t care if his apology letter was individually sending us all five hundred dollars. burn his career to the ground and salt the ashes that nothing may grow there.


I bet he goes into work consulting. Related field, pays well and is more or less invisible.


he might try the freelance and youtube thing but if he does it’s gonna be a bad look


i saw the apology and got a really bad feeling in my gut about what if him trying to recontextualize all of his shit into “flirting while having a lot of followers” stuck, but then i scroll through the responses in this thread and feel better. thanks yall


Really, it wasn’t an apology. It was an admission of guilt written through a filter of PRglish (I wonder if it was a recommendation from legal counsel but whatever). All its done is confirm my validity to be angry with him. Beyond that, what’s done is done. And at this point anything more involving myself, my friends and him are personal and involve our own histories.

I won’t blame anyone for wanting nothing to do with him nor should anyone feel obligated to. At this point, all I would want is to remind everyone that while the public space is more or less done with Nick, there are a lot of us who still have a bit of history with him. For some its intensely negative, and for others its become confusing and frustrating now, and I want to remind folk that those affected will need a lot of time to process and decide how they handle things.

With that in mind, please remember to be kind and supportive to those who are going to need that time to sort things out, and respect that it may take a lot time on how they want to handle it, if only for the sake of their mental and emotional health.