We Discuss Nick Robinson, Harassment, and Power Dynamics on Waypoint Radio


Abby from Giant Bomb is having none of this

And frankly I’m with her. Though for the moment I wonder if we’ve reached a point where there’s nothing to be done but hoping he does change. Unless some darker stuff comes out about this which who knows.


I was so happy to see Abby say something. I was really disappointed that people at GB were mute on the issue during the last Bombcast. I’m hoping other gaming sites really get into this the way Waypoint has. It’s a systemic problem and it doesn’t get better by ignoring it.


I love GB, I’m a premium subscriber but it really bugs me how quiet they are on shit like this. They said virtually nothing on GG until pressure mounted.

I hope Abby gives it some talk tomorrow morning on the Beastcast.


They record on Thursdays and I believe they would have been done before the apology even came out


I wonder if that’s a weird conversation given their relationship with Nick. for Ben in particular. I can see being hesitant to dig all that up on the podcast.


Ben already disavowed the guy more or less


It’s probably just a little bit early to see any other sites covering it. On the podcast Austin was talking about the legal department warning them against giving any details that weren’t already public before the Vox internal investigation was done; I can definitely see other sites deciding that it’s more helpful to have this conversation once those issues are done. If they don’t discuss it over the next week or so is when I’d start getting worried.


I can see not wanting to say anything for Ben’s sake if he wasn’t ready to talk about it, but straight up saying “there’s nothing else in news to talk about” feels like what they did with GG and that awful “silence isn’t complicity” post they made. Their apolitical stance on things is getting harder to tolerate. But maybe they’ll prove me wrong.


Danika from a website called Waypoint also had a very firm response.



Hmm. I’ll have to check this Waypoint place out!


Don’t forget: You’re here forever.


I love waypoint. One of the best spaces I’ve ever been in online.


…Ominous. But not 15 characters worth of ominous


Don’t mind me, just quoting Simpsons like it’s still relevant. Also I’m not sure how to do the HTML coding to spell out “do it for her” from my phone.


Hey Nick? It’s not “flirting” if the other person doesn’t flirt back. Fuck off.


I’ve read the apology twice and though I think it could be quick to leap on the language used, you would think he would have multiple people proofread that thing beforehand and one would have said “y’know, this doesn’t seem like you are really getting the issue here”.

So either those people are not helping him, or he hasn’t asked anyone and put that out himself and he doesn’t really get it.

Either way, not that I knew much about him beforehand, but I’m out.


“I flirted bad and whoops I’m popular but my popularity saved people and fan art so we even. Also I have included key language present in discourse especially ‘position of power’ and echoed sentiments about listening not arguing”


Was a big fan of his work with Griffin but frankly - fuck off and don’t comeback with a new sheep skin for wolves.


While the anger here is justified, should we not be careful of the “salt the earth” rhetoric?

If there is no path for redemption then the punishment loses some of it’s efficacy. To take away someone’s access to something (freedom, a beloved community) only work if there is a possibility of a return.

I don’t say this becaus eI’m a fan and I can’t bear to be without Nick’s work, I’ve honestly never heard of him before all this. Instead I am always wary of punishment being the be all and end all of reprimanding someone.

If the opinion is, this man can never re- enter this community then we push him to the fringe, of even just the gaming community. I think that recent political events have shown that the fringe is where dangerous and stupid ideas breed. Considering the reason for the extrication is because of already existing toxic ideas, the least helpful thing we, as a community, can do is push this guy further into the arms of misogynists.

All this is of course dependent on Nick showing an honest attempt to learn from his mistakes and listening to the community. I’m also not suggesting we should all sit down and watch his videos and forget about it.

I am just very wary that justified anger does not always end in sensible punishment. Prisons systems around the world are testament to this. By marking people for life and isolating them from mainstream society, where else do they have to go but the dangerous fringe?


I think when someone has shown themselves to be dangerous to a community, you are allowed to remove them from that community and not welcome them back.

The difference between that and prison is that he’s free to go and do whatever he wants, but not in the wider gaming journalism community that he was once a part of. He’s not owed access to the thing that he abused.

It should be up to the victims/people effected to decide what happens but his “apology” was basically to his fans, not the people he hurt so that’s a pretty good metric for how sorry he is/how willing he is to learn and grow.

Idk, when you fuck up like this, in a way that was pervasive and secret and betrayed people’s trust, it is very very hard for anyone to know whether you’ve actually learned from your mistakes.


I don’t think Nick honestly wants to change.

I give people second chances when they put effort into changing. If they make the same mistake later, I’ll be disappointed but I won’t write them off if it’s clear they tried to be a better person. People don’t rehabilitate instantly.

In this case, his version of taking on board the criticism was to get more elaborate, more manipulative, and more secretive. That is not an honest response by someone who thinks they were doing something wrong. His apology reads like a note to a potential employer looking him up before an interview rather than an apology. So I’m okay with ostracising him before that potential employer can be fooled into giving him power again.