We Discuss Sexual Harassment Allegations, South Park on Waypoint Radio


Following a weekend where an ex-Naughty Dog employee alleged they were sexually harassed, Austin, Danika, Rob, and myself took stock of the various (and often inappropriate) ways different actors responded to the situation. Elsewhere, we discussed a bizarre but extremely good trivia app called HQ, and after telling a great joke, I shared some initial impressions of South Park: The Fractured But Whole, a game that's likely to be disappointing, even to South Park fans.

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So, Austin, Danika, Rob, and Danika. Ok, but what Danika was doing during that time? And where was Danika?


“Myself” is referring to Patrick , the person who does the podcast article write-ups.


Shame are ND/Sony for not only avoiding to looking into the harassment but also pretending that it may not happen. Would that also mean that that person is still at the company? That not good.

And shame on the people who only care about the games these studios make and not the people’s safety.


Their point was that ND was too fast in dismissing the allegation without the time for a proper investigation and in the statement they mention the person by name implying that is lying. Basically calling him out in an inappropriate way considering the context. That context being the amount of sexual harassment cases becoming public and the way everybody looked the other way, disbelieved the victims or rationalized away the problem with some doubt in hand (just like you are doing).


As a general rule, you’re better off taking the victim’s side until a full investigation is performed confirming their story or clearing the accused of guilt. A few months ago I had a slightly-viral tweet along the lines of “I don’t know why everyone is being so mean to Nick Robinson, this seems irrational” and whoops that aged badly.

Also South Park is very bad.


As with prior episodes that have dealt with sexual harassment in games, we’re going to ask everyone to not get out in the weeds with speculation or hearsay. This is especially important when it comes to protecting victims.


If AAA games have huge monetary cost and human costs in terms of mental and physical health to make. Then something needs to change, badly.


Pretty much everything the crew said about the case during the episode was speculation/innuendo.


They also are in communication with and have the protection of VICE legal, which nobody here does.
One of many many reasons why we have rule 10!


Whatever. Post has now been flagged. Clearly everyone here feels completely comfortable with wild speculation so long as the target is a business or anyone who’s perceived to have power or privilege. I don’t give a shit about Sony or Naughty Dog, just find it irksome to see accusations reacted to at length as if fact.


My thoughts on a couple topics the podcast touched on:

  • I work as a supervisor in a federal agency. In the US, federal agencies are about as employee friendly as any organization. Lots of checks and balances and procedures must be followed before any adverse action can be taken against an employee, and there are multiple paths to appeal or dispute an action. Every year we are required to take legal update training. They make it quite clear that, while they won’t support anything untoward, the legal department and HR’s main function is to help managers make sure they are following the book so any action they take won’t be turned over on a technicality. As an employee, never assume HR is on your side.

  • On a related note, I’m surprised the WP crew didn’t take the opportunity to mention that this is yet another reason that game company employees need to unionize. One of the reasons HR/legal in an organization like mine can offer so much support to managers is because there is a strong union that will support employees.

  • I love The Last of Us. It’s one of my top-5 all time. I’ve played it half a dozen times. I’ve got t-shirts and merch. I spent hours on message boards analyzing the trailer for TLOU2. If an investigation into Naughty Dog revealed a situation that, for whatever reason, meant that justice for someone who had been harassed meant TLOU2 would never come out, I would stand and applaud. Anyone who thinks their own desire to play a game (or watch a movie, listen to a song, read a book, literally anything else in the universe) is more important than having predators and harassers brought to justice is a flat-out monster.


They didn’t make a $20,000 payment. They offered it, he refused. (That’s his version of events, anyway.)


I’m not sure I can make my attempt at a humor, to lighten the mood in a horrible situation, more obvious (of course I know about Patrick). Or funny(ier).

I’m doing that, because I’m bitter how no one did anything in this and previous situations, but expressing that would lock this thread pretty quick :­/ So, I’m not saying anything in a way I can.


Why takes sides on something you know nothing about? We’re so quick to express anger/sympathy for everything that happens. Unless you know the people involved, there isn’t much to say.


Because victims are so regularly blamed while culprits get a slap on the wrist. The system is weighted to give those in power the advantage and ability to stay safe. By siding with victims (or alleged victims) we can show them support against a system that is not friendly.


That’s about the gist of it. The power dynamics are always very much in favor of abusers, so paranoia about the potential of false accusations only serves to further stigmatize coming out about harassment at all.

Many different women have said, in various ways, “we would not willingly subject ourselves to the rabid culture of victim-blaming, just for a shot at class-action lawsuit money, a brief moment in the spotlight, or whatever else people claim we’re after”.


Being a bit lighter: Yo, never get rid of Dannika. I don’t want to start anything but she’s one of the top wits of Waypoint.


@SuperBiasedMan @miscu

Let me ask you this. Would you purchase a Naughty Dog product at this point?

If you say no, then this shows a problem with the public taking sides on situations like this. The potential is that Naughty Dog’s revenue is damaged to the point where they have to cut the pay of the their employees. People who have nothing to do with this now have a harder time providing for themselves and their families.

I just feel there are externalities that people don’t take into consideration, especially because they’re so far outside the situation. They’re reacting to a headline or a tweet, you know?


won’t someone please think of the megacorps!!!