We Discuss Sony and Microsoft's E3 Events on Waypoint Radio

Waypoint Radio takes on the glitz, glamor, and game announcements.

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I just want to say something about the Detroit discussion about how “android” has “man” built into it, as opposed to “robot”.

The origin of the word “robot” in English is a play by Karel Čapek called R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots) in which robots are invented and sold in order to perform menial tasks, as you’d expect.

The thing is, in the end the humans are all awkward and unpleasant, partially for how they treat the robots, and the robots eventually overthrow them. Two of the robots fall in love and essentially become the Adam and Eve for the new, human-less world.

Even going back that far, this is what you get :stuck_out_tongue: