We Discuss Star Wars’ Complicated Video Game Legacy on Waypoint Radio


I bought Battlefront 2 pretty much just for Starfighter Assault, so you wouldn’t be the only one.


Man, I have to watch Star Wars Rebels so that I can be bummed with you. Ever since they announced they’d be introducing Thrawn, I’ve wanted to check it out. Thanks for the reminder!


Listening to Patrick talk about boot disks and config files brought me waaaaay back. I remember playing Dark Forces at a friend’s house and being totally blown away. My parents gifted it to me for my birthday that year (at that time there weren’t 80 new must play games a year #old) and we had a HELL of a time getting it to run on our 486. In the end the IT guy from my dad’s office made us a boot disk and it all worked out.



Star PEACE - as in peace, the opposite of war :slight_smile:


It’s all about Kyle Katarn.


Dark Side? He’s been there.


Okay that at least makes some sense. Wow I really misheard that one. I feel better about that even though it’s still a bad joke.


I played KOTOR 2 this year, and wow that game is really interesting. I should say that I played it with the restored content mod installed. I think what I liked about that game the most is the unique perspective it had on the Star Wars mythology. I wonder if any of that perspective is going to make its way into The Last Jedi.