We Discuss the Ongoing Fallout at NeoGAF on Waypoint Radio


Editor's note: we talk in-depth about sexual misconduct and harassment in the podcast today.

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Any idea how soon it will go up on the RSS feed? Been looking forward to listening to this one all day.

edit: up now on antennapod. hasn’t appeared on my android pocket casts yet for some reason though…


I also use Pocket Casts on an Android phone, and I just received the episode.


Thanks, just did as well. Going to listen to this on the drive home.


Thanks for the heads up. I entered the app and that got the download going right away. Guess the background service to search for new podcasts didn’t kick off yet


Preemptively posting to remind everyone that threads related to the NeoGAF incident, and Waypoint threads as a whole, are not a place to discuss personal history with NeoGAF, your time on the site and the future of its community on other sites or Discord servers that have been created or are being created. We ask you to keep discussion limited to the podcast and continue to abide by the forum rules, considering the sensitive topic at hand. Also, if you haven’t yet, please refer to the stickied post regarding what we feel our new influx of users need to know :slight_smile:


Locking this thread to direct all discussion of NeoGAF over to Inside the Sexual Misconduct Allegations Rocking NeoGAF's Last 48 Hours