We Discuss Way Too Much Anime With Pat Baer on Waypoint Radio


How did this happen??

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Patrick is a carrier of the fever. He might not experience it entirely himself, or appreciate it, but it’s there. It’s there and it’s infectious.

I have to disagree with the premise of the title of this though. “Way too much?” :-1:


Enjoyed the question bucket topic. It’s weird that Sony took some risks and often failed this gen, critically/commercially speaking.

First party retail releases like Knack, DriveClub, & The Order. Who want to add Detroit on this list (eh, 2nd party; fully Sony funded) already?

Some stuff got rescued (I’m thinking Until Dawn: who would have expected something that good from a project that began as a PS3 Move title?) and some was an unquestionable success. But when critics rounded on some of those new IPs they really took them apart (justifiably in some cases but also occasionally veering into post-hoc justifications). But Sony still get the nod for having pushed some new IP in the last few years rather than leaving that to 3rd party publishers.