We Felt the Hype in the Arena at the Overwatch League Finals


It's a New York crew episode today, as Austin, Natalie, Cado and Danielle huddle up in Lobby 1 to share our weekend adventures. Natalie and Cado went to the Overwatch League Finals, while Danielle and Austin hung out in space—on the many planets of No Man's Sky and it's big NEXT update. Then we talk Waypoints and make our way to the end of Monday afternoon!

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In all honesty, if Blizzard wants the OWL teams to get support from local fanbases, having the Philly Fusion make it to the finals in their inaugural season and then lose horribly was a great way to get started. That has Philadelphia sports written all over it.


Cado is such an awesome addition to the team. Both he and Natalie should be on the pod more frequently with the regulars! :heart:


So you say, but Big Dick Nick has changed Philly sports forever.


I essentially came in here and say the same thing. Cado and Natalie are awesome. They bring a different perspective on things and would love to hear more from them.


I know China’s LPL has home venues outside Shanghai for a few of the teams. As far as I can tell they’re doing well, but that’s a much smaller country with a lot more fans. Not sure how well that’d translate to OWL, especially for teams outside NA.


I want to believe, but twenty years of trauma (minus the one bright miracle that was the 2008 Phillies) might be beyond the help of even Big Dick Nick himself.