We Finally Answer the Debate: Smooth or Crunchy?

With the 200th episode of Waypoint Radio behind us, we turn back to our roots: The Question Bucket. Join Austin, Rob, Natalie, and Patrick as they answer your questions about all of the most important topics: Being disappointed by your favorite series. How to grit your teeth and send your creative work into the uncaring void of the internet. Peanut Butter.

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Crunchy. dont @ me


Thanks for reading my email. I’ll take your thoughts to heart.

It was “onionie.” Never doubt Robb again.


@augmentalize I agree, crunchy is way better.

Put that crunchy butter on crunchy toast, call it crunch crunch - Aubrey Graham


Rob… I wouldn’t be surprised if a neighbor heard my laughter as I listened to your diatribe. The nearest house is at least half a mile away. The nearest house I know is occupied is at least a mile away.

Edit: Thinking about playing with people who are good at games, they can be the worst. I have a friend who is a legit true skill, or whatever that ranking bs was, level 50 in Halo 3. He is the absolute worst person to play with. His K/D is incredible, gets all the medals, and has all the noscopes. BUT he never for one second seems like he’s having fun. He constantly yells and screams about how his getting killed once was bullshit, or lag, or whatever. His gamertag was always something offensive or cringeworthy at the least.

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Rob’s tirades about strategy game maps and HP ships has me rolling



i sigh deeply as i fire up the podcast app and prepare to experience Food Crimes


Eating crunchy peanut butter is like eating scrambled eggs with the shells mixed in. No thank u.


oh god remembering that Dan Rykert story about cooking egg whites and him thinking the shells were the whites


Look, sometimes you don’t want it to be crunchy and sometimes you do, but smooth has the versatility that puts it over the edge.

can’t believe you don’t eat the shells. that’s where all the nutrients is.

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smooth peanut butter is proof that if god exists, he’s a pervert.

  • Smooth
  • Crunch

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Gotta have that cronch.

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At some point you’d think I’d get used to the food takes in this industry. Any day now.

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We Asked Eight Studios From Across The World How They Deal with Crunchy vs Smooth


People are overly invested in variants on pasty legumes
Also, I really like the question bucket episode format and it feels like a good counterpoint for the one theme podcasts.


smooth, you monsters

I recall Jesse Cox talking about that Real Lives game, he worked as a teacher before he became a youtuber and they used the game for education at his school.