We Finally Answer the Debate: Smooth or Crunchy?


i have some big texture issues re: lumpy jam but i tend to buy it anyway because it tastes better than the super processed shit and i just pick the largest chunks out while i’m spreading it

unlike @xolgren i actually like seedy raspberry jam though haha only slimy lump textures make my brain short circuit

also i haven’t posted in this thread yet so i might as well say it now: both smooth and crunchy peanut butter can be good. it’s the flavor of the peanut butter that matters. End This Terrible War


Make it healthy and add the chia seeds! :smiley:


now that I’ve actually listened to the podcast instead of just wading in half-cocked to the PB debate, I want to note that this is article regarding Spent for anyone interested:


I want to weight in and share my Correct Opinion but the perfect sample size has already been reached.


Smooth by Santana featuring Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty > Crunch in the video game industry


God, I remember going on 4chan back when I was a piece of shit and popping into the Real Lives threads. That game was the rare occurrence where 4chan showed some empathy towards people. I remember people being rather shocked at being born in Liberia, and then just dying at 4-5 years old because of disease or starvation. The response, “Wait, that’s it?” Came up. It felt like a rare moment for 4chan.

Of course, this ‘empathy’ came with memes and gifs of people crying in a mocking sort of manner, but you could see people reflecting on both their world view and their privilege in a way you wouldn’t expect from 4chan.


all peanut butter is bad


I think we’re burying the lede here: Natural vs Sweetened peanut butter. I’m for natural and crunchy


unfortunately, natural

friggin orangutans


Crunch so good it makes you Anime nose bleed.


My 2 second take on smooth vs. crunchy peanut butter? Don’t bother with either, sorry.

Anyway I did sympathize with the question about being disappointed with the way a company handled something game-related. And I’m sure other PS Vita owners did too :sob:


Crunchy peanut butter, or (as it should be called) peanut butter that someone forgot to finish making, is ok I guess. It has its place on this earth, even if that place is nowhere within 10 feet of a sandwich.

Seeded jelly/jam though? I can’t abide by it. Never in my life have I thought “well this pb&j is good, but what if there was sharp little rocks in it?”


Do y’all not have teeth or something?

Crunchy PB and jam containing actual fruit in a sandwich made from decent seedy, wholemeal bread is how to roll. Texture, taste, and gives your guts something to work on.


Something about this phrase has disturbed me to my core and has pushed me ever further down the path of anti-seed radicalization





And miss me with that “creamy peanut butter that has 1/4-sized chunks of peanut in it,” I want a grainy texture in my peanut butter from how it was blended.


Look, I get that if you’re using to for cooking, or smoothies, or some other application smooth is going to be the superior choice.

What I’m basing this off of is just pure, unadulterated peanut butter, or peanut butter as a primary condiment. If I’m jonesing for a snack and I’m just gonna stick a fork into that bastard and chomp away, creamy is nothing but a disappointment. It’s a delicious paste that lacks any character and just glops around in my mouth until it goes down. Same thing with a nice fresh piece of toast with some peanut butter on top. There’s just nothing to it. A PBJ without the crunch is just mushy bread with some sweet and salty stuff in it.


It is truly diabolical of Walker and Zacny to bury the last ten minutes of this podcast in dishcourse. I think we all needed to hear the origin story of the “take so bad you go to sleep” tweet.


The Take That Forced Austin Walker To Immediately Go To Sleep has so many gorgeously awful layers, much like an ogre, or an onion.


that is the only kind of jam i grew up with.

any jam that is lacking seeds/texture beyond the jelly is inedible to me.


@Ziven001 I agree that a chunk of strawberry, cherry or what have you improves a preserve. It’s nice to be able to look at something that I can at least imagine confirms that there’s something worthwhile in the sweet colourful spread I’m putting on my toast. I just have a (probably inherited tbh) irrational hatred of raspberry seeds - if I wanted little rocks in my food I would just add a fine grade of gravel myself.