We Fly the 'Sunless Skies' and Drop into 'Apex Legends'


We’ve got a two parter on our hands this week—a two parter with a whole lot of time travel. First, Austin, Cado, Natalie, and Patrick sit down to talk Apex Legends, the latest from Titanfall creators Respawn Entertainment. Almost the whole team has been dropping into the Outlands, and it seems like we can't get enough. Then, after the break, Rob taps in for Patrick to talk Sunless Skies, the sequel to Failbetter Games's Sunless Sea. This game's got space trains, zombies, and demons, and it all takes place in...hell?? Next, Cado and Austin give their first thoughts on The Division 2 beta, a game that has, in their marketing, tiptoed around the politics they use as environmental decor.

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Oh y’all played all the good video games?

Hell yeah can’t wait to listen.


If anyone has not played Sunless Skies yet I would like to draw your attention to an available crew member for your locomotive:


also available: https://sunlessskies.gamepedia.com/Useless_Cat


Some quick notes about Sunless Skies, in addition to what the crew mentioned on the podcast:

  • In addition to turning off permadeath, there’s three more difficulty options that you can tweak (but only when starting a new game):
    – Whether or not your bullets home in on enemies (so aiming gets easier)
    – How fast enemy bullets move
    – How fast you consume Fuel & Supplies in the game.
  • The developers have positioned Skies as a ‘possible future’ for Fallen London / Sunless Sea. Fallen London hasn’t reached a conclusion yet (there’s a potential ending that is definitely not for everyone), and Sunless Sea has a bunch of different endings depending on your initial ambition and what else you choose to do while playing.
  • Austin mentioned 80 Days during the podcast – the writer for that game (Meg Jayanth) both contributed to this game and served as a colonialism consultant for Failbetter, which is really cool!
  • The game’s queer-friendly in a way that not many are – like Rob mentioned, the game never assumes anything regarding to your protag’s gender/sexuality other than what you tell it, but there’s also (I believe) two trans officers and one non-binary officer you can recruit for your train.

I honestly recommend not going with permadeath – while Failbetter’s tweaked the game so you’re not repeating the same grind as much with your new captain (the exploration XP from the previous captain carries over, I think) if you don’t have the time/patience just stick with the captain you started with.

Also, if anybody ever wants to dig more into the lore of Fallen London / Sunless Sea without going through the grind of the games, http://saint-arthur.tumblr.com/ is one of the best places to look. It hasn’t been updated in years, so if you’re okay with spoilers for the previous games (and for the setting) but want to avoid Skies-specific spoilers, it’ll be safe to read.


Natalie is a Nickelback stan. This is cannon now.


I’m secretly hoping for Waypoint’s return to video with a new series “counter clipping with Rob Zacny.” I hadn’t heard of counters being clipped for longevity although it totally makes sense, personally I started clipping counters recently because those rounded corners are just sooo much more aesthetically pleasing. For example: https://boardgamegeek.com/wiki/page/microbadge:23638 and https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1236162/counter-clipping-and-such


I jumped in for some more Apex Legends after listening to this episode and yep. It’s really fun. It’s cool to have found a BR I can connect with.


On first read, I thought this was about kitchen counters (which, Rob bakes, so it wasn’t completely out of left field) and was VERY confused.

On Sunless Skies: First, let me say I have enjoyed it a lot. I had hard bounced off of Sea after dying a few times and realizing that I had to grind and find all the ports all over again. Skies’ real grind remover seems to be the fact that the map doesn’t reset if you move onto a new captain, because exploration/movement is the most time consuming part of the game. That said, I’ve done most of the things you can do in the Reach and Albion, done a one-through exploration of Eleutheria and was getting ready for a dip into the Blue Kingdom, and playing on merciful mode with all of the easy settings (specifically probably the fuel/supply consumption one), it IS getting to a place where the easy mode perhaps ruins it a bit. Because you don’t feel constantly terrified that you’re going to die (and therefore lose all your progress) the actual act of getting from place to place becomes entirely filler rather than an actual part of the experience. (I played the last few days with Netflix on my other screen for those times when I’m just holding down w for minutes on end, so it may work out surprisingly well if you’re looking for a podcast game…?)

Then again, I still do not want to play with permadeath on, so. Just waiting a few days to sort of cleanse my palate before heading to the Blue Kingdom.