We got any Mario Makers on waypoint dot zone forums? Post your bookmark profiles!

For those rare Wii U havers that create levels constantly or not so constantly link up!!

Here’s me:

A few of my recent levels are slightly harder so go back a page and you’ll have an easier time of things (I clean out my too hard levels after a while when I come up with newer levels).

EDIT: Oh yes! My “best” level is probably this!! Feel free to post what your best level is too!


I’ve been out of the game for a while, and I was never exactly prolific but here it is:

Mushroom Mountain and Monty Mole’s Airship Ambush are what I would call my masterpieces.
You Swim in the Ocean Too is just a very dumb Starfox joke but a pretty alright water level. I had planned to and may yet do a whole series of Incredibly Stupid Starfox jokes including Personally, I Prefer The Air.

I really miss Super Mario Maker and I really hope they port it to the Switch. Here’s my profile, with a little less than fifty levels. I got discouraged when I knew I’d never get enough stars to make more. Most levels are fairly hard, but there’s a lot of thematic ones. I think I make really great levels, tbh. I hope you guys do, too.

Boy, do I want a sequel


I would be largely satisfied with a (feature-complete) Switch port tbqh

A port of the full-featured Wii U Mario Maker to the Switch would be both a literal and figurative game-changer.

Havent played the game in ages, but heres my profile

This is my favorite out of my stages! I even created fake box art for it



Basically I played Mario Maker almost every day for an entire year. It’s an absolutely incredible thing. What would you want to see in a sequel (though wouldn’t the money be on a Deluxe version a la Mario Kart)? Here’s some things I’d love:

  1. Slopes. Everyone wants slopes. Let them eat slopes.
  2. A music selector. Mario has some of the best music in history. Let me use castle music in an airship stage if I want. Let me pick from more songs than there are stylesets - even if we never get a Super Mario Land styleset, let me use the music.
  3. Another Styleset - I vote for Yoshi’s Island or Mario Land, but I’m sure we could get something else cool.

I think some more original styles would go a long way, one of the favourites of mine is the SMB1 ghost house style which they created just for this. I mean, they prettied up all the styles in this game anyway but aye, agree with being able to select music and Slopes, For The Love Of Satan, Please.

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https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/profile/tomsmizzle?type=posted only got it the other week (bought a wii u for botw) so i’ve only got a couple levels so far, but i really like it. i really wanna make levels about reexploring spaces with fresh powers or ones full of secrets

What style hasn’t been touched yet? Maybe a real cloud level like Sky World in SMB3?

Oh, and All-Stars versions of the SMB1 and 3 styles, please.

Desert levels from SMB3 also, but yeah, I would just honestly like them to go hog wild, just come up with totally new themes, I’m sure plenty on staff at Nintendo have some good ideas, lol

Or, in a dream alternative universe, just give me a straight up editor for all the graphic tiles in the game. But then I know infrastructure wise distributing those levels would be a lot more… but I know this is also a moderating nightmare too so it would never happen.

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That’s me. I did some creating, but mostly spent time playing other people’s levels. Of my own, the two that seemed to get the most play were “Wonderful Wall Jumps”, and “Mario’s Got That Star Power”.
I really liked the former as I tried to do the Nintendo thing of a concept, complicate, twist and reward. Also, there’s a cheat to complete it too that I deliberately put in :slight_smile:

If I could put in for a set I’d want Mario Land. That game only has 12 levels and I adore playing through them. Also please let me create shooter levels Nintendo kthankx

That was pretty much what the Fire Clown Car was for.

Yeah, people much smarter than me were really good with those levels, but I want me a little submarine!

I’d love it if the game was able to record players, so that if they get a WR on a course, you can see how they did it. You shouldn’t have to venture to YT to see how someone beat a level.


Yeah - it could be a good idea to, at least, put out the capture button patch that allows you to take video with a Mario Maker sequel?

That’s a really good idea. Plus you get to see someone play your level, which to me is the biggest joy of Mario Maker.

Boxmaker had this feature which kept me playing that bootleg game longer than i wouldve otherwise