We Have a Lot of Questions About Sheev Palpatine

Austin, Gita, Ricardo, and Rob gather around their mics this week to talk about video games, but first! What is the nature of Sheev Palpatine's desires? Is becoming Emperor of the Galaxy enough? What drives him once he reaches this goal? Austin has been having some Star Wars thoughts that we gotta work through. Gita spent time being on streams and thinking about the boom of new, inexperienced streamers breaking onto the scene and what experimentation they might bring with them. After the break, Cado's been playing Tonight We Riot, the leftist beat-em-up game about liberating your fellow workers and fighting back against corporations with some really great group dynamics, and Boreal Tales, a mystery-horror-adventure game with an enhanced PS1-era aesthetic and a VHS magical realism narrative. Rob is revisiting Alien Isolation and realizing that hiding from the alien isn't always the right call, sometimes you just gotta walk right past it. You can listen to the full episode and read an excerpt below.

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Few things are more exciting to me than “Austin has been having some Star Wars thoughts that we gotta work through.” Particularly when they involve Hegel.

Re: Palpatine’s life choices
This might be “Legends” by now (I don’t think James Luceno’s excellent Darth Plagueis survived the canon purge), but the reason you might become a Sith is because they are literally trillionaires. James Luceno summarizes a thousand years of corporate sabotage and war profiteering, all done in the name of hoarding wealth. As it so happens, a millennium of that will net you a good chunk of change. The Jedi will make sure you are able to procure transport as you need it. The Sith will just buy the Kuat Drive Yards.


It’s been a while since the last podcast thread so this is a bit late since it was actually discussed on the pod, but I NEED A WAYPOINT RUINATION CAST. Desperately.


Sheev is one of the worst written characters in Star Wars. All of his motivations rely on 'This is going EXACTLY as I planned." But his plans are nebulous and disjointed to a point where he’s literally just a stock figure placed into a situation for why bad things are happening.


As far as I know, from what I’ve read thus far of the current extended universe, the entire reason Sheev wants control and wants the galaxy under his thumb is to “protect” it from forces outside the galaxy. There are a few books that mention some observatories that he has set up to look for threats he has sensed from outside the galaxy, or something to that effect. It’s sort of an interesting concept that is not at all characterized any other time we see him, other than in those one or two books where they talk about the observatories, and “threats outside the galaxy”.

It might be cool to have him acting like he’s doing a great service to the galaxy by “keeping it safe”, but instead, any time we see him, it’s just “immortality” and “infinite power” and any other number of Generic Evil Plans.


Bijan is on a really cool Shadowrun podcast called Fun City…y’all should check it out

This triggered something deep within my brain and now I find myself declaring “Sheev Palpatine is Star Wars Bismarck”

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Glad to hear that more people are getting on that Star Wars: The Clone Wars train. I, once again, stand by my opinion that, in terms of narrative, it is the best audiovisual thing we’ve got from Star Wars (excluding some of the games of course). All the movies are hot garbage in comparison.

Really what Star Wars needs is a character like Char, who isn’t just some cackling witch-man with lightning hands, but has a Napoleonic heroism to him. But is also a lunatic who will kill millions of people when you get right down to it.

Actually, maybe we should all ditch Star Wars and focus on Gundam instead…


I think Star Wars could use more giant robots.


Honestly Gundam needs more giant robots.


So there hasn’t been a podcast thread in awhile so I feel the need to now bring up that Ed Harrison/0edit has worked on some real bangers since NEOTOKYO in regards to Austin and Rob mentioning him a few episodes back.

New rule: the next Star Wars trilogy is allowed to have a planet-destroying MacGuffin again only if it’s a giant mech.


I can’t muster up any enthusiasm for the big stories in Star Wars anymore. Now the only good things coming from it are the small background ones like The Mandalorian or Clone Wars. I still love the setting but TRoS has ruined the main thread.

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The EU is…not as good as people make it out to be, to put it politely, but it’s probably the fullest realization of one of the most exciting parts of Star Wars: there’s room for side stories. Want a collection of short stories of the denizens of Jabba’s Palace? There’s a book for that. Want to read a canonical story of star-crossed lovers on either side of the Galactic Civil War? There’s a book for that. Wondering what’s going on under Phasma’s chrome dome, canonically? Delilah S. Dawson has you covered.


Each time Gita mentions Vanderpump Rules I grow more powerful.

My previously made point that Ep5 of the last season of Clone Wars shows that post punk/new wave is canon in Star Wars.

But also, uhhhh, I went on a deep dive on Clone Wars and Rebels last week, watching all the episodes that appealed to me, and now I’m filled with Star Wars thoughts and no one to talk to about 'em.

That, and upon seeing R2D2, grumbling to myself: “get the fuck out of here R2D2. Don’t act like your hands are clean of that TRoS shit.” So yeah, on top of that I am definitely still filled with thoughts and grief over the last film.

Edit: Do ya darn Clone Wars cast! Shift+F1 did Drive To Survive Season 2. Waypoint can do Clone Wars in the time of Covid.

i somehow can’t bring myself to believe that there will be another star wars trilogy.

aren’t people getting tired of these star wars?

Depends on the status of Rian Johnson’s previously-announced trilogy.

And to your question, it’s not a question of people, it’s a race between a few lines on a graph in some Disney bean counter’s cubicle. Once the “money made” line on one of these movies dips below the “money needed to be made on previous one to justify another one of these” line, then they’ll stop.


you’re right of course, the graphs will decide.

i’m just not sure if society is ready.