We Have to Push Back on the Toxic Labor of 100-Hour Work Weeks

It's Waypoint Radio 195! Or something very much like it! Danielle, Patrick, and Rob are excited about video games! Rob's been playing Oxenfree, Danielle is still playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and Patrick has discovered the future of gaming with Astro Bot, and it's virtual reality (or "VR" for short). But before they get into that, the gang just has to read this one Vulture article about the making of Red Dead Redemption 2 and offer a few measured observations. Are 100-hour work weeks good? Should writers offer some context and address some of the criticism faced by the high-profile creators they covers?

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This isn’t in the bot’s capture, but there’s an additional section in this podcast connected to our upcoming 72-hour charity marathon! Here’s a quote from the article:

We also get ready for our streaming marathon for The Florence Project and interview Development & Research Director Amalia Luxardo about the organization’s work on the immigrant detention crisis.

This is not entirely related to the major topic this episode (but tangentially because it involves the amount of work the Waypoint staff is doing).

Something I’ve kind of been thinking about lately with Waypoint beginning to ramp up more podcasts and that I was reminded of when I heard Rob mention his “To do” list, what are people’s thoughts on the frequency of all this Waypoint #content?

To explain a little bit of where I’m coming from, there are the usual two podcasts a week, and there is also the ‘Waypoints’ pod and now the rewatch-cast. I listen to the podcasts, occasionally check the site for interesting articles, and frequently poke my head into the forums, and I manage that all pretty well. With these newer Waypoint initiatives, I’d also like to be able to check out some of the stuff recommended on ‘Waypoints’, and watch the movie to be discussed on the rewatch-cast, but it’s kind of a lot especially if those latter two are going to be happening weekly.

Of course I know everyone’s disposable time is different, there’s no expectation to actually consume all of this content, and I’m definitely not arguing Waypoint cater to my situation, but it’s nice to be able to stay relatively up-to-date with what you fine folks are discussing, and I can easily see myself eventually falling behind at this pace. Maybe I should just be more selective about my time? (actually, that’s likely the answer, but I would still like to hear others’ thoughts if they have any)

I just stache certain episodes away to listen to later. I haven’t listened to the shadowrun 101 yet because I’m still playing through it for example and I certainly haven’t watched all the twitch vods. You shouldn’t feel compelled to watch/listen to everything.

Really hope at some point they start to put out more best of videos like GB does. Makes for easy watching and can send to someone to get them interested.

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Hey Waypointers. I really like all the new content I think it’s fantastic. Waypoints and the Rewatch podcast are things I can share with my wife that often spur on good discussion. It’s nice to have a non-gaming-related access point to your very smart brains for folks who are interested in culture but maybe less so about games.

That being said I would gladly listen to waypoints and rewatch every two weeks or whatever it would mean a more manageable workload for you fine folks.