We Need More Blind Characters, But Sadly, 'Perception' Is Boring


Running around a haunted house and not being able to see anything should be more interesting than this.

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This game does well with it blind character with what limits they had to work with. The only blind characters games had were more supporting characters in fights or Visual novel characters that do well about developing them. This is close to how it feels to be blind.


Haven’t played Perception but it sounds similar to Pulse, whose demo I played about 3 or more years ago.

i’d imagine it would be hard to accurately portray a blind person in a videogame considering it is a very visual medium. From the review, it sounds like they did alright adapting it to horror but the horror genre might not be the best to communicate what it feels like to be blind. Personally, I would prefer to explore the environment with a lack of sight without worrying about a monster coming to eat me too.


I heard the main developer on Gamers With Jobs last week. It’s too bad that the consensus seems to be that the game doesn’t live up to its potential. It seems like they did a lot of work to make sure they were as authentic and respectful as possible.

This might be one of those games that I buy because I want to reward the effort, and encourage devs to make more like it.



Although if I remember correctly on the first play-through only the enemies are blind but on the second play-through your character is also blind.

I do hope more games try this though. I think the blind protagonist is still a unique concept that we don’t see very often and I’d like to see it executed well.