We Piloted Iron Bear, the New 'Borderlands 3' Character's Giant Mech

We have finally left the negative zone—E3 has officially started. Join Patrick, Cado, Austin, Rob, and The Joyous Gamer herself, Natalie, for a VERY LONG discussion about our first stay at the show. We start with Nintendo’s E3 announcements, including the surprise reveal of a sequel to Breath of the Wild, and what it means for Zelda’s role in the series. From there, a bunch of heavy hitters: Cyberpunk 2077, DOOM Eternal, Empire of Sin, Vampire Bloodlines 2, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Borderlands 3, and so much more.

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Does this seem to suddenly shift into a different podcast at 2:50:53 for anyone? I’m listening on Google podcasts, and it goes from a discussion of Cyberpunk 2077 to Austin saying “We’re back!” and discussing Avengers?

Edit: Nvrmind I guess because 5min later the cyberpunk convo is back?

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Yup, exact same happened to me just now. Listening on the Castbox app.

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I think 5 min of audio got put where it wasn’t supposed to be; the original convo comes back

Yep, just noticed it too. I was so confused!

Ah cool, thanks for the heads up!

Cado’s computer hard crashed there during the livestream. They had to reboot everything before they could continue the Cyberpunk talk.

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Not surprised, but damn, they are down on Borderlands. Calling them gross (politically) especially seems off, because in a lot of ways they are much more progressive than most games. They have some real issues with ableism, but in terms of gender, sexuality, race, and class politics, they do a lot more than one would expect.

And like damn, the guns are so much more fun than any other loot shooter.

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What’s the timestamp on the BL3 talk, because I’m sure I’ll have some thoughts myself

The Borderlands 3 discussion runs from 01:06:00 to 01:17:20.

My friend and I riffed on the kinda cringeworthy Woke™ humor when we played through the games recently (one gag from Torque in Pre-Sequel is especially condescending in this way), but I would still say I prefer that series personality to the GI Joe vibe of the Destiny games.

Both Jeff and Austin have been pretty critical on BL3 for not taking the series in any new directions, and honestly, I’m pretty comfortable with the game staying the course mechanically and structurally rather than pushing in a more service-y direction of the Destiny’s and Division’s of the world.


Post-BL2 I think the series has veered towards humour that’s demonstrably in bad taste, rather than any one thing that has been particularly egregious which is why I can understand where Patrick and Austin are coming from.

Borderlands has the potential to be a series that empowers people from marginalised groups and from 2 on it has derived a lot of humour and character from them in less than sensitive ways. I’ve never found anything in the games outright unpleasant, but I’ve also never thought any of their depictions of those groups were good. It’s a series that revels in its ugliness, and not in a good way.

Haven’t listened to this pod yet (the curse of 5 star runtimes :slight_smile: ), so if this point was made, I apologize. When Borderlands humor punches up, it punches in a safe way, by using exaggerated caricatures of the institutions it wants to lampoon. When the powerful are obscured in this way, it is actually softening any supposed commentary, rendering it ultimately toothless. If they wanted it to be pointed, they’d play things much more straight.

When it punches down though, the use of caricature becomes part of the harm. And that’s a really where my problems with BL’s sense of humor lies.