We Played a Fortnight of 'Fortnite,' Here's What We Think


After a full fortnight of Fortnite, the crew (Patrick, Danika, Austin, Rob and myself) discussed our adventures on the battlefield. The battle royale genre may just be getting started, and so are we.

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I haven’t watched any of the streams because despite trying multiple times to play, and totally seeing the appeal, I just can’t really get into Fortnite. But I’m super excited to listen to this.


Haven’t listened to the episode yet but you guys maybe should have waited a day or 2 more to record this, as the game just got it’s biggest update ever with game changing things like super powers that let you move and jump significantly faster and higher and a huge map change across the board along with lot of other side features.


I just want to say that there’s still a pretty active community playing the PvE mode. I play Save the World a few nights a week, and almost never have trouble finding folks to play with. Epic also has kept refining the mode and releasing new seasonal content every couple of months. Traversal (thanks to a goofy hoverboard) and inventory management are much better now than they were at the initial early access release.


Been getting back into it myself, but I also can’t just click a map and expect people to show up in my range at the mid to late 60’s. I think there is still the issue of how all your progress is tied to the loot boxes, for the survivors, heros, weapon and trap blueprints, and the occasional defender. And honestly the first zone doesn’t really emphasize fort building as much as the mid to late game when tougher and the special enemies show up in greater numbers. The Hoverboard is nice but also has that issue of getting off to loot things. Also can’t activate while sprinting? I can’t even imagine I’m doing the running onto a skateboard thing?


I think the point was mainly to try out ‘what the big deal was’. It’s possible it will be relevant to revisit, but if the game changes drastically, it will not be the game that has been the rage all this while.


Well now that I’ve listened to the episode and also played a bunch of the new season, a large change they did today was added these rocks that give you large jump height and make you move very quickly, which gives you this new form of super hero jumping around shotgun dive combat which might have changed Austin’s opinion on the bunny hopping you normally do.

Also I think Austin was completely off base on several parts talking about how you can’t land quietly and get loot quietly and then play from there, there are tons of locations you can land that have a decent amount of loot that not a lot of people go to if any a specific round, you can easily get to top 5 people left alive without ever seeing another player. From what I observed on the streams they kept landing at large named locations, when locations without names have plenty of loot and less to no players too (and maybe also streaming pushed them to be more aggressive in their play to be more entertaining instead of more of a quiet look around and scouting of areas).

In team games the exact scenario that Austin mentioned of giving away his good loot to a better player on his team happens in Fortnite it happens to me very often when I play squads with a friend who’s much better, that exact experience of sharing and giving loot that the better player can use to carry me better with.

I don’t think the average player of the game is worried about formulating stories with every part of every encounter, a room full of people who write for a living maybe missed this, generally people just play the game because it’s fun and jumping and shooting people is fun, it can feel like shooting a clay pigeon shooting someone mid jump.

Lastly a thing maybe the crew doesn’t know much about because they don’t watch other high skilled streamers and aren’t good enough themselves to do, at the high end it’s not about bunny hopping battles but build battles. Good players instead using their quick fingers build large structures intertwined with each other to try to cut eachother off and surprise the other person from behind. A good clip that illustrates this is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7mL4TAel2Q.


Is this episode not showing up in others’ podcatchers, or is it just me?


Just finished the podcast. One more note I’d like to add is that the pickaxe target and audio cues are definitely still in PVE. I think they’re gated behind a tutorial in the early going.


Same here. I see it on the website, I see it on the RSS feed, but my podcatcher is just acting like it’s not there.


I really want to like Fortnite but I just can’t get into it either. There’s certain things about it I like (the aesthetic, fun event modes, certain weapon/item mechanics) but the rapid building and bunny hopping is just something I’m not a fan of. Also the guns just don’t feel as good after playing a lot of PUBG and R6 Siege. Which is a really odd thing to say because I actually like the guns in Radical Heights even though they are very similar to Fortnites in terms of how they work. I think it might be the lack of first person aiming?

@sanchonino @thefncrow ShortOrange and Podcast Addict showed it for me.


Shoutout to Tomato Tom for coming on the call.

I’m personally not a huge fan of Fortnite BR but I can still see the appeal. There’s a lot of appeal in its short rounds(for a BR game) and its small amount of downtime.


Going back to Vanilla Fortnite now that 50v50 is over crushed me. Screw this Battle Royale stuff, just make it 50v50 forever.


Yeah, the game went from being a game I was pretty excited about getting into, into a game I think, “oh, well… I guess I’ll leave it installed unless I need the space, and just turn off updates.”

It was… an incredible mode.
Reminded me of a shooter BR version of my favorite aspects of Alterac Valley in WoW.

It’s low pressure, high body count, low individual impact, barring rather exceptional moves that work, while letting you have a ton of fights.

New player, want to jump in and learn? It was, at worst, one of the best tutorials ever.

Need materials to learn to build?
No problem, you get tons of mats super fast.

Need to learn the map?
Go for it! We’ll split the map forcing you to go to new places every other game depending on your luck.

Want to learn drop, gunplay, combat building?
Go for it! Tons of enemies, and about 10-20m of pretty constant fighting in the circle. You can play with getting behind enemies.

At best, and for me actually, it’s just the most fun mode. Not just for training, just for enjoying. I don’t have friends who play, and really wouldn’t quite be interested in playing squads or competitive modes yet. Play on a team of 50? Sure. That’s player salad. Plenty of people on the field better than I am to grow against. Plenty worse I can beat at range, if not at building and bunny hopping. As a bonus, it doesn’t matter if I just decide I don’t want to build. It doesn’t matter if I don’t want to farm resources. I can just show up at the last circle and fight, and that works.

I’m hoping they bring it back pretty quickly. It just feels like a mistake to remove it. (Particularly when you aren’t fighting player burnout the way PUBG is, and don’t need these limited time events to get people to come in and check out the temporary fun thing. You can just have fun things.)


A friend of mind plays fortnite, or at least for a long while he did, because it was the only one on PS4. That free to play multiplatform model goes a long way because he wants to play battlegrounds but can’t. As for me, I hate shotgun games. I didn’t like gears, and I don’t like this. I’m not really into third person shooting either. I just feel less in control. It doesn’t feel like it has that variety of other shooters with respect to different ranges either. I don’t want to be forced into that especially because it’s not guaranteed I’ll find a shotgun. I may just be against the random chance weapon placement entirely. I’m not really sure. And then there’s something I may have missed in the podcast, I was playing Spelunky while listening, the rarity/damage differences. I want everyone’s assault rifle to be just like mine. In my head, I find the damage per shot, the pace of the shooting feeling like Halo. Halo even looks cool, to me anyway, when hopping. Although that may be because I had friends who were rank 40 or higher in 3. They made it look good. After playing enough, I knew, almost instinctively, how to play with and against each gun. In Halo, a battle rifle is a battle rifle. In Fortnite, that’s not necessarily the case.


Showed up in my feed this morning. Thanks, all! :slight_smile:


Rob mentioning Orcs Must Die reminded me that OMD Unchained exists. I never did give it a shot, does it have a community anymore? Tower defense x Moba seems like a decent idea.

Its great to have a full cast on the podcast, could have used more Joel though!


I played it a bit. The original idea was a moba with your own traps but I think that switched to normal OMD wave stuff with more heroes and players. Does feel super unpopulated though then.


I did think it was odd that Austin made the comment that Fortnite is a game that discourages cowardice. I think that’s the opposite. Like PUBG, there are times when you know when to get aggressive and there are times where you need to hide and wait. I’ve had matches where building right away would be the wrong choice. I’ve had matches where I was forced not to build to keep the element of surprise and give me an advantage. Building is definitely a key mechanic to learn, but so is learning when to not build.


Yeah, I was a bit frustrated with those comments that you can’t land quietly. If you land in spicy spots, it will be spicy.