We’re All Playing ‘Prey’ on Waypoint Radio


The latest game from the ‘Dishonored’ developer has everyone headed into space to kill space spiders.

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Hearing Danielle try to pronounce my username was pretty awesome <3


Excited to hear good things about Prey! Also, Rob should burst into song every episode.

I did want to mention something about endings, changing games, etc. I can’t speak to Final Fantasy 15 (haven’t played it), but at least in the case of Mass Effect 3, I was really glad for how they expanded the ending of that game. It’s probably because I’m an extreme case–I played the previous two games a second time in the weeks leading up to ME3’s release–but the original ending left me in an extreme funk for several days. I didn’t object to the way Shepard’s story ended, but for me there was just this lack of emotional closure, kind of like how the Waypoint Radio crew felt about What Remains of Edith Finch. It felt like a mediocre finish to one game, but as an ending to three games, it was personally distressing.

That said, I still found much of the backlash to the ending utterly despicable: the lawsuits, speculation about alternate endings, harassment, etc., and I do worry that the people using those tactics felt legitimized afterward. I also would’ve been upset if Bioware completely re-wrote how Shepard’s story ended to please the players who wanted them to happily ride off into the sunset. For these reasons, I respect the opinion that the Extended Cut DLC shouldn’t have happened, and probably set a bad precedent for other studios, but I can’t deny that it did give me that extra closure I felt like I needed, and really improved my fondness about the series as a whole.

P.S. You can play the game without Javik, and it’s fine!


Couple of hours into Prey, and I’m still roughly where I was where the opening hour demo cuts off because of how much I just love exploring this station as a space and all the minor details. I adore the Dishonoured series and the first remains one of my all-time favourite games so I’m really excited to dig deeper into Prey and this world Arkane has created.