We React to All the Big PlayStation News from Paris on Waypoint Radio


This morning, Sony held an event in Paris to make a bunch of surprising (and not-so-surprising) announcements about games. While we won't be able to play most of them until next year, there was plenty to talk about, especially when it came to some "interesting" trailers for The Last of Us Part II and Detroit: Become Human. Austin, myself, and Danielle talk through Sony's news before touching on how much fun we've having with Super Mario Odyssey.

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Is it just me or is there no ad after Austin says he’s going to throw to an ad? Is that an error or was there just no advertisement for this podcast?

Also I had no idea Bubsy was coming out so soon…Is anyone actually excited about Bubsy? Those were some wack platformers back in the day and I certainly have no nostalgia for them.

But more importantly, I wish I could just listen to Waypoint rant about problematic games for hours on end. Their takes on both TLoU II and Detroit are wonderful, and I also loved listening to Austin back in Giantbomb during the E3 videos when South Park was first shown. Sometimes I wish there was more controversial topics being touched on just so I could listen to more take-downs of it all.

Overall I’d say the event was underwhelming but I’m sure excited to see the next one when some of these games are a little more fleshed out.


Yeah Austin throws to an ad but there’s no ad in the whole thing.

I guess in throwing to the ad he mentions Google so let’s just pretend that was the ad?


Please don’t mix Wolfenstein 2 spoiler cast with the other half of waypoint 101. I played The New Order so I could “play along” with the 101 podcast and I can’t justify buying another game right now. (it really is the best time to be playing videogames)


Blood and Silk, a deep emotional VR experience of figuring out how to get bloodstains out of a white silk dress.