We Ruined Waypoint Radio with Adam Conover


We have a very special guest on Waypoint Radio 215: Adam Conover from Adam Ruins Everything came through to chat about games, comedy, and Nintendo nostalgia! Join Adam—and usual co-hosts Danielle, Austin, and Natalie—for a more freeform Friday podcast that tackles such questions as finding work-life balance among many tiring projects, asking "why, Nintendo?" and dipping into "true" Monopoly rules.

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it’d be super cool if Adam didn’t use the ‘chink in the wall/armor’ saying.


I need a soundboard with Natalie saying “…whats that…”


Also, I’m not a huge fan of Austin poking at Althusser for his wife’s killing? For one, I’m pretty sure Althusser had schizophrenia & other mental conditions, but I’ve also just generally seen the discourse around her death to be pretty… bad… and Austin’s comments didn’t do much to change that


Why? It’s a fairly standard turn of phrase?


Why? Is it offensive in some way or does he just overuse it?


I was wondering the same thing so I did some research and found this article from 2012 published by Slate that makes a strong case for retiring the phrase.


I think context matters a great deal and Adam’s use of the phrase and the context in which it was employed make total sense. The use of the phrase in the context of Jeremy Lin was, well, racist and the phrase was employed strictly to get across a racist joke.

As to phasing the phrase out, honestly I think this may have been the first time I had heard it since 2012 and Lin. This does beg the question: what is a comparable turn of phrase? Achilles’ heel?


Adam definitely did not use the phrase in a racist manner, but I do think it’s a phrase that has grown uncomfortable over time and probably should be retired. I think it’s a similar case of niggardly, which is a perfectly cromulent English word with innocent origins, but let’s face it, it’s way too similar to a horribly offensive word and there are plenty of alternatives to call someone thrifty.

In any case, I’d say a good alternative would be “flaw in the defenses”, but “Achilles’ heel” also works.


“Gap in the armour” is basically the same phrase with a pretty clean & easy word substitution. Most people would not notice the difference of word choice, but it avoids using a word identitical to an anti-Asian slur.


As I stare down at the pile of incoming 2019 epics this conversation had me thinking that maybe I should just play Breath of The Wild and Hollow Knight more.


That works for me but I’ll be damned if I use your English spelling of “armor”!!

(This is a bad joke. The “u” makes all word better and more colourful.)


there was this last Australian Open: https://twitter.com/juv3nal/status/955291117381038082?s=21


Adam didn’t use it in a way that’s meant to be racist. Let me make that clear. I wanted to bring it up since that word is pretty uncomfortable and maybe in the future people will consider finding an alternative to that phrase.

There’s a lot of words out there that technically means something completely fine but language has changed them for the worse.

Pretty sure the guy in one of my old jobs didn’t call me that word to my face because he was explaining a flaw in something.

I’m honestly surprise by replies telling me that they don’t get it and expect to me to explain it. Like just google chink, im sure the results are totally fine. lmao.


Episodes like this are dangerous for me because I feel like I’m always one or two conversations away from replaying Breath of the Wild.


Adam saying the Prime 1 and Super were the only good Metroids sure is a take


I don’t think people are confused about the word in question, just that particular turn of phrase. Just like most people wouldn’t question why calling a spade a spade can swing wildly depending on context, although I’ve retired that out of my vocabulary anyway.


Asian people are on the internet too. Please dont say that around Asian people thanks. No need to keep explaining that kind of stuff to me. and it sounds incredibly fucked when “most people wouldn’t question it”.


For what it’s worth, I’ve started pronouncing that word “knee-guard-lee” to avoid confusion, though I don’t use the word very often in the first place.


I didn’t really get into Hollow Knight, but that was after playing 60+ hours of Bloodborne in a 2 month period. I’m thinking 2019 might be the year to give it another try

Thanks for this clarifying article. Definitely something I’m going to work at removing from my vocabulary.