We should defiinitely do a Waypoint Community Watches: Skybound together


Thanks to the exhaustive reporting of Waypoints own Patrick Klepek, we now have a release date of the greatest movie of 2017, Skybound.

All jokes aside, I gotta admit… I kinda gotta know. Anyone else here keen to sit down and watch it tomorrow?


id be down for this tbh


Skybound is among us and I pray for, nay, demand a spoilercast or spoiler topic for Skybound. The Skybound Appreciation Station will be great and I can’t wait to be a part of this.


Both movie rental places near me have it, but there’s already a wait list for it.


I’ve been looking all over, and this movie is impossible to find in Australia :disappointed: There doesn’t seem to be any digital options for it or anything :frowning: