We Still Have Plenty of E3 2018 Games to Podcast About

Team Waypoint survived E3! Well, mostly. Austin is sick, but that doesn't stop us from casting a pod about several games we saw at E3—and a few we've been playing since. We check in on Spiderman, an entirely separate Cthulu detective game from the one discussed during the show, Mario Tennis: Aces, and Prey: Mooncrash!

Discussed: Tunic, Desert Child, Tetris Effect, Hitman 2, Sonic Team Racing, Killer Queen Black, Spider-Man, Serious Sam 4, Megaman 11, Warhammer: Chaos Bane, Necromunda: Underhive War, Tropico 6, Rise of Industry, Call of Cthulhu, Prey: Mooncrash, Mario Tennis Aces, Hereditary, The Perfect Host, The Babadook, Texas Monthly article 'What’s Really Happening When Asylum-Seeking Families Are Separated?'

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As someone who is usually excited for another Spiders RPG, everything I’ve seen and heard about Greedfall and the way it’s handling colonial themes is upsetting. Given previous output I do not expect them to stick the landing at all.

There past games have all had so many issues but I’ve always loved how they’d try to create very unique settings for their weird RPG’s. There is a world where this game nails it and it is properly able to address the vile nature of that era and the struggles indigenous people did and still face, but Spiders output gives me zero reason to trust that. Also, it seems to be using another species as an allegory for indigenous peopl, that especially makes me feel they don’t understand the subject matter they’re trying to handle.