We Streamed This Week's Big Releases: 'Shadow of War,' 'Evil Within 2'


Video games are about to get wild in the next few weeks y'all. They haven't really let up since 2017 started, but if you were already behind on games, it's not about to get any easier, with both Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and The Evil Within 2 launching this week. Waypoint's going to be doing a lot more streaming in the coming weeks, and to kick things off, we took a both of 'em.

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TEW2 looks so different…


In the shadow of war stream, y’all check out the market and joke about how it’s a bad chest opening and just a transaction screen. Isn’t that how it should be? It’s very clear that it’s just a transaction, it’s not using the tricks of slot machines, there’s no feelings of near misses in opening the crate. No flash about it, not using the tricks to make you feel good about having opened a crate, it’s just… a bare transaction, then you receive your goods. Seems like how every game with loot boxes should approach it because it removes some of the addictive elements that can surround these things.