We Take Lore Reasons Live in Our PAX East 2019 Edition of Waypoint Radio

Join Austin, Natalie, Patrick, Rob, Cado, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and one of several time traveling incarnations of some guy named Xehanort for an in-person edition of Waypoint Radio! In addition to talking about the games they played at PAX East, everyone who participated in our Kingdom Hearts season of Lore Reasons will be subjected to a live Mark of Mastery exam, forced to reckon with the way-too-many hours they’ve spent trying to understand the mythology driving Square Enix’s mashup series. There is absolutely no way this can go wrong.

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Patrick got norted.


This was really cool to watch but thank god we are done with the Kingdom Hearts stuff (for the foreseeable future).


For people who are worried, there are no Kingdom Hearts III spoilers in this video.

P.S. As befitting of canon, only Natalie (aka Aqua stan numero uno) passed her Mark of Mastery exam. Austerra gave in to the darkness and Patrentus was definitely too young to be taking it (and clearly didn’t study).

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Really enjoyed this. I am glad KH stuff is done for a while but I’m glad it happened. Despite not listening it seemed like a lot of people really enjoyed the content. Super happy it turned out well! Maybe if lore reasons makes a comeback with another series I’ll check it out.

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As someone who had negative interest in KH, I still found lore reasons to be really compelling and interesting for the duration. I wasn’t really enamored with the characters or plot, but it was a lot of fun following the bizarre serpentine path that KH takes. I appreciate having the fun journey through it instead of either playing through it myself, watching a lot of very serious explainers, or gleaning it all via smug mockery.

I’d say even if you’re negative on KH to at least give it a listen. I thought I was going to lose interest immediately and this was probably some of the most fun I’ve had with the podcast. Then Riku shows up.


I had this on at work and multiple times burst out laughing in a quiet store. Absolutely top notch.

Hey, first off, I really enjoyed this episode! I didn’t know I could watch it but now I’m giving the stream a watch! But I’d like to comment and ask that Waypoint try to give people heads ups (even if its just a mention in the show notes) when they’re talking about alcohol/etc.

I have no issues with this kind of talk personally, but I imagine for a lot of people it would be pretty difficult to listen to.

Thank you!

I think I actually know less about Kingdom Hearts now than before this all started…What a strange and wonderful journey this has been. :clap:

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i still want there take on the Sleeping realm Theory but i be excited when the final mix dlc come out (whatever that ends up being ) and if we get a mini lore update

Natalie Watson gaining her Mark of Mastery, 2019, colorized


I didn’t really have any strong feelings either way on Kingdom Hearts before Lore Reasons started, but now I appreciate some of its concepts and quite a few of its characters, especially Xion, Riku and the BBS gang (they really put it best in the KH3 spoilercast that this trio is written and voiced differently than the rest of the KH cast).

Despite criticisms I have on its story pacing, voice delivery, treatment of its women characters, and failure to tie anything meaningful into its supposed Square / Disney collaboration, I found myself coming out of Lore Reasons with a newfound appreciation for what KH does.

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The Joyous Gamer, Ascendant

It was such a treat seeing this live, even if I was a little worried they would only make it through like 3 questions before they ran out of time lol


Somebody have a working link to the video? The Twitch embed on the article page isn’t working or linking out correctly.

Ya, anyone have a link for the vid? Was out of the country when they ddi this and just getting caught up now. Would love to see the video!

The twitch VOD is linked in the article! Not sure if it was uploaded anywhere else.

Quick update everyone! We will be uploading the entire vod to our youtube shortly! Stay tuned :slight_smile: