We Take on Horror at Home in 'Devotion' and Scary Stunts in 'Trials Rising'

We’re sailing into new territories on Waypoint Radio 222, with Captain Natalie at the helm, and Rob, Patrick, and Danielle along for a wild ride of mixed metaphors and new game scuttlebutt. Admiral Rob has a non-digital game to regale us about in Empire of the Sun . Commander Patrick has plenty of Anthem thoughts and notions on the Trials franchise, while First Mate Danielle has stories about Trials Rising and a very effective horror game in Devotion . Finally, Captain Natalie has a truly harrowing and exciting tale for us all in her Apex Legends segment.


N.B. We recorded this in the morning, before there was a lot more news around Devotion , including its hopefully-temporary removal from Steam. We did get into the review-bombing campaign against it, but a lot more developed after we recorded.

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It’s been a bit since this was originally posted, an update to the devotion thing is that it appears that the publishers may have been the ones who pulled it from steam. Devotion now has red candle games in the publisher field on steam but previously that was Indievent(Non-china) and winking skywalker (steam china) who publicly cut all ties with red candle when this started going down.

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I’m a recent baby grognard so I’m super into the Rob Zacny wargaming chat on these podcasts! I feel like EotS is a bit out of my league, however I’ve been sitting on a copy of C3i which includes South Pacific: Breaking the Bismarck Barrier by the same designer and Rob’s description of what makes EotS compelling has convinced me this weekend is the one where I finally sit down and learn that game.

I just discovered the wonders of using Vassal for PBEM (well, really play-by-Discord because 2019 I guess) and if anybody wants to get some wargaming in please let me know! Right now I’m in the middle of a Cuba Libre game, and I’d love to play more COIN, but I would be up for almost anything, learning something new, etc. I don’t have a regular group for IRL wargames so my introduction to the hobby has been kinda slow. It would be great to get into some wargaming with Waypoint folks who I can be confident are not attracted to the hobby for sketch reasons…