We Talk Charlottesville, 'Agents of Mayhem,' and Sonic on Waypoint Radio


We go heavy, then we go light.

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Man, the only thing Sonic games have been consistently spectacular with is the soundtracks. The only two I can think of without exceptional soundtracks are Rush 2(which has highlights) and Boom, which is one hell of a track record. The main reason I’m still a die-hard Sonic fan. Other than it being one of few series with a love of speed that isn’t about Cars, the most boring machines known to man.


re: “how do nazis get radicalized,” well some of these assholes are literally teachers, apparently


As Charlottesville is a highly charged topic, we’d like to ask people to keep discussion relevant to the episode itself. If you’re looking to have deeper conversations about white nationalism, we invite you to create a thread on the subject.


You made me scrub through the episode again, but what brought that tweet to mind was specifically Austin at around 17:05 asking “how do they recruit” If you would rather we didn’t discuss Charlottesville, that’s fine just say that, but it’s pretty shitty to throw an accusation and then put the onus on me to justify my comment’s relevance.


We made a similar post in the thread about Nick Robinson to help guide the discussion so nobody got upset. You’ll notice the post was not a direct reply to yours, it was designed as a general touchstone for further discussion. If you have further questions feel free to contact us via PM!


I was hoping Patrick would talk about Hellblade. He said he was going to talk about it on fridays podcast but since he wasn’t on it when never got to hear his thoughts.