We Talk ‘Dishonored 2’ DLC, ‘Destiny 2’ Campaign Problems on Waypoint Radio


A great podcast to listen to while you hope for purple and yellow engrams to show up.

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Re: The question about quick-session games.

This year I am in the same situation as Benny, the reader who wrote in wondering what games to play on a limited schedule. I work full time, am taking correspondence courses from a couple of Universities, and am studying for 3 professional exams.

My go to games this year have been:

  1. Dead Cells, this is an awesome MetroidVania with Rogue Legacy style progression. A bit more forgiving then Spelunky.
  2. Warframe, F2P space shooter with crazy speed and BILLIONS of things to do. It’s up to you how you feel about F2P but overall I really like it and have felt compelled to purchase a few items because I liked the game and not because I needed them to progress. Also the community is crazy nice. Shout outs to Giant Bomb Heavy Industries.
    3)Nex Machina, great bullet hell shmup available on most systems and PC.

You can’t go wrong with any of these titles!

I bought Dishonored 2 at launch, played the first mission and then decided I would come back to it when I had more time. All this talk of Death of the Outsider has me jonesing to set aside some time to dig in. I think that will be my project this weekend.

Keep up the great work with the podcast!


Asher Mir is an intresting guy, people should hang around and talk to him.