We Talk E3 Predictions, Expectations, Hype on Waypoint Radio

The year’s biggest show kicks off next week. Here’s what we’re looking for.

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Mother 3 is totally happening this year

they’re gonna do it

it’s gonna happen

nintendo I believe in you

I believe image


Hmmm, considering the mainstream consumer version of VR (PS VR) is only a few months older than the Ninty Switch… they sure are being treated as extremely different platforms which may only have a handful of great games in the first year and not that much yet announced for year 2.

Like, that’s a pretty stark contrast (in expectations, tone, latitude) as those two platforms come up throughout this.

The thing I want from E3 is surprises. I already had some from Atlus now from other companies.

I suppose in more immediate terms I’m excited for more Battlefront today. Honestly the single player comparing sounds baller enough that I’m already on board, but something like Galactic Conquest coming back could make it all the sweeter.