We Talk 'Far Cry 5,' 'Endless Space 2,' and 'Rime' on Waypoint Radio


'Far Cry 5' is set in a cult-ravaged Montana, and boy, do we have thoughts.

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How do i download the podcast? Is that a new player? Am i being really stupid? Thanks in advance!


I don’t think you’re stupid. I too am trying to figure out how to download the podcast from my desktop. Kind of frustrating compared to all previous podcast releases here.


There will be at least one native in the game, myself. I am excited for the character creator al though I hope it is decent and not like the divisions. I couldn’t even make a native looking dude in that.

Running around with my sister shooting white dudes with a bow sounds fun heh.


I figured out a way to download it. I went to this website: https://video-download.online/site/Stitcher The site asks for the url of the podcast, so you go to the podcast on Stitcher, click play an copy/paste the URL and click download. Hope it helped! Also hope they change that next time…


Hey folks, just realized we added the wrong player to this page. Fixed it with the better one that has a download button!