We Talk 'Ghost Recon Breakpoint' and Say Farewell to Natalie on Today's Waypoint Radio

It’s not true until you record a podcast about it, but yes: Natalie is leaving Waypoint. To send her off, we decided to, uh, talk about the latest Ghost Recon game for an hour?? After “doing our jobs” in which we “talk about video games,” the question bucket is opened for Austin, Natalie, Rob, Danielle, Cado, and Patrick, in which they answer everything from “What character, real or fictional, should become a keyblade master?” to “What boat are you?” Goodbye, Natalie. You’ll be missed.

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I always blank on questions to send in so I never do, but can’t wait to listen to this soon, even though I know it will in some way be bittersweet.
Hope we get to see and hear Natalie again in not too long, I’ll sure miss her contributions.
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(edit: Aw yeah it’s 2 and a half hours long!)

Will there by dances?


Is this one sad? The end of the last one was sad enough. I’m not sure if I can handle even happy sad right now.

Well I didn’t expect to come away thinking maybe I want to keep an eye on the sequel to wild lands.

Also there is only one name for a Predator rewatch podcast and that is “To Watch a Predator”.

The way they’ve censored birthdates at the end is amazing imo


Natalie: “peace”

podcast: 29 minutes remaining


So is there a technical reason why you don’t put in show notes with links to video you spend several minutes talking about? Because it doesn’t make for a great podcast to listen to people watching something and you don’t even give a link so listeners can watch it.


I laughed out loud at the notion that Ian Bogost was trying to drag someone.

More importantly! I will miss you Natalie! Wherever you go next had better appreciate just how lucky they are that you’re working with them!


I listened to ALL of the Astrology talk just for you Natalie and I hope y’all appreciate how much that means for someone like me to sit through



I can definitely agree it would be helpful to put in, but… well, I don’t exactly listen to every episode, but I can’t think of one that wasn’t very easy to find?

In this case Googling “Rami Malek commercial” got me it immediately.

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Great episode and a good farewell. Looking forward to Natalie guesting sometime in the future.

I went in knowing nothing about astrology other than I know I’m a Scorpio and as a child I thought that was cool because I thought scorpions were cool. Big takeaway: Scorpio stuff makes people nervous and, I am now curious about my chart.

Echoing the thoughts above about the episode; it was great.

I’m curious, what site/app were y’all using for the astrology stuff?

I teared up listening to Natalie talk about being a Yacht and i have no idea why. Im gonna miss her on the podcasts. I wish you the best Natalie.

It just really irritated me and it isn’t the first time they have done it. I turned off the episode and haven’t gone back to it.

The sound of Danielle and Austin saying “Pajama Sam” in unison has been stuck in my head ever since. They spoke in such rhythm that I almost mistook it for a new member of the podcast. They had created a unique voice.

Pajama Sam.


There’s been several instances where they impromptu start watching a video and commentate without specifying, and I gotta admit I’m a little confused every time it happens. I’m not as bothered as @jccalhoun, because I very liberally skim through podcasts (any and all) whenever I hit parts that don’t connect with me, but it feels a bit like they’re breaking a cardinal rule of podcasting. Half a mind to call the podcast authorities, if I’m being perfectly honest.

On a real note, please come back as often as possible, Natalie. You’ll be greatly missed.


What astrology site/app was everyone using during the post-cast segment?

I don’t know if everyone was using the same one, but Natalie said TimePassages is her favourite astrology app.
Edit: Ooops, someone on Discord said it was cafeastrology.com

So like is Astrology cool again? Or is this just some kinda “well if you wanna read fake predictions about yourself in an app or whatever, its not any worse than anything else?” type of thing?