We Talk Gundam, 'Spelunky 2,' and 'The Quiet Man,' Live from PAX

Patrick, Austin, and Danielle hold court live from their panel at PAX West 2018, with a fierce discussion of Gundam, a not-great-seeming game called the The Quiet Man, hands-on impressions of Spelunky 2 and Get in the Car, Loser, thoughts on Streets of Rage 4 with Jeff Gerstmann, and a LIVE question bucket session.

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i said i’d make sure this channel made it into the right hands
cw food/drink, may be nauseating to some

My soda and milk answer is a Root Beer Float.

My one Gundam episode answer would be episode 1 of Gundam Thunderbolt. You get jazz, you get hideously crippled Zeon soldiers, you get a fucking asshole sexist and ableist Feddie protagonist who might be the most scumbag Gundam character ever, so basically Zeon are the good guys (finally). It’s dark, it’s twisted, it’s as bad as mobile suit combat could ever be. Also jazz, serious serious levels of jazz.

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I am very much into Patrick being the guinea pig for inexplicably weird and awful games

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Truly, Patrick is the White Base of Waypoint.

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I-is that a Gundam?

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Oh, it’s the big ship that the Gundam lives in, and it gets used as a guinea pig in the show.

Does Austin have a favorite Mobile suit or does he shy away from giant-robot-fetishism. I try to but I can’t resist. They’re just so damn cool.

I like the GMs and the boxier Gundam models.

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