We Talk 'Kingdom Battle,' 'Xcom 2,' Taylor Swift on Waypoint Radio


Plus, we talk about upcoming PAX plans.

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'I'm as shocked as you are' — Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Just a wee heads-up on the episode title, this is Episode 92 not 91. Austin has it right in the audio, but the listing is a little incorrect.


The ‘click here’ download links on recent episodes lead to older episodes e.g. episode 91 (August 25th) leads to episode 86 (August 7th).

As you said, the naming convention also seems to have desynchronised on Acast e.g. episode 92 (August 28th) is called ‘Episode 91: Swift Strats’.

Stuff “broke” around episode 84 after the switch to Acast.

I would also appreciate it greatly if the .mp3 files were tagged appropriately (e.g. super easy using foobar2000). It’s been an annoyance to distinguish episodes for a while now and it was impossible for the E3 ones (numerical dates are BAD!).

Thanks :+1:


Anyone have an Xcom 2 character pool of the waypoint staff? Would love to add that in to my run of War of the Chosen.



Hold the fort :european_castle:


A waypoint pool would be cool especially with forum users to round it out but sadly there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do that. I did make my character though:


How does the pooling system work, if it does? Can you transfer people to other players or does everyone have to build their own? (Haven’t played XCOM 2, but have seen Waypoint staff members on Twitter).


I know you can download steam workshop mods of characters, though those seem to not actual mods adding various models of characters and not just using the game’s customization system.


Here’s my rendition of the Waypoint crew (Austin is borrowed from this Giant Bomb set):

(I wish the game had a few more beard and glasses options… maybe there are some good mods for that.)