We Talk Madden, 'Total Warhammer,' and Uncharted on Waypoint Radio

There's also talk of our dark cyberpunk future.

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I am bummed about no one talking about Hellblade.

a fun little bit of this podcast is Danielle specifying that Chloe is played by Claudia Black, which seems a bit odd until you remember Claudia Black was in Farscape.

As it kinda got talked about but not directly mentioned, it’s worth remembering that Microsoft were expected to release a new console with a subscription/rental hardware offer because they had actually already done that - initially via their own MS Stores and then with Best Buy and Gamestop.

Buying your hardware with a contract is already a thing that’s been tried recently, even with it being pushed as a platform-holder initiative (not just an independent chain of stores deciding to buy the hardware and make a profit from selling it with their own contract deals). We can probably take the lack of similar deals today as a sign of limited success 5 years ago.

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the discussion of story-based madden made me really want an open world football rpg based on jon bois’ 17776

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I’d be fairly amenable to some kind of contract for my consoles. As someone with a fairly transient relationship to my games, borne out of some difficult sells I had to make when I was younger, the idea of a only temporarily owning a console would be fine to me. That said, I agree with Zacny’s assessment that even a hypothetical high-end console would likely be conceivably within reach and would be pretty loathe to pay 10% interest to get a console sooner.

Now, if you suggested that game companies might rent consoles instead…