We Talk Old Games and New Recording Studios in Today's Waypoint Radio


With Lobby 1 in the rearview mirror, team Waypoint heads to a brand new space to podcast: the control room! That's right, friends, we now podcast with a dizzying variety of screens and buttons around us to dazzle the mind and stimulate the imagination. This week, Patrick is playing New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Natalie and Danielle are into a very cute adventure-platformer with... deep state conspiracy theories... Pikuniku, and a bunch of us have fun AGDQ stories. Natalie also has a bunch of Kingdom Hearts opinions to share, and there is a nice, deep dive into the question bucket focused on how to break into games journalism if you only have access to older games.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but attendees are saying DJ fatbody was drunk and groping people at the event. Which is a pretty fast milkshake duck considering how much everybody loved the sonic 1 run.


I ascended to another plane of existence when Austin said “Kingdom Hearts 3000”


All I could think when Austin said he was a roller coaster was “Don’t let anyone treat you like a ferris wheel. You a roller coaster.”


For the like tenth time, I wish Waypoint offered a voluntary subscription model because I would throw five bucks at WP a month with no expected perks and like ten dollars if there was something sub-only. I know how awful this industry is and if I can help provide even a side stream of stability to a publication I genuinely to my bones care about, I will.

Just sayin’. For future ref.


Yeah. I think there is definitely something to be said for subscription services. In this modern age of terror that we live in it looks like pay-for-content services are actually doing OK in some cases. NY Times, Candaland here in canada etc etc etc. I could definitely find room in my budget for waypoint dollars since I tent to listen to y’all and read your site many many times a week.

I am one of those few weirdos who is likely to read articles about old games when they pop up. I generally play games a few years behind with one or two exceptions. I also like to replay my old faves so an article about the Super Castlevania 4 or Chrono Trigger soundtracks would be right up my alley. Definitely understand the need to get those clicks tho.

Keep up the great work.


Patrick mentioned that NSMB Wii sold well due to being a Mario game on the system, but I’m gonna be a pedant and point out, that game (to date) sold 30 million copies whereas Super Mario Galaxy has sold about 12.5 million.

The runaway success of games like NSMBW and Mario Kart Wii (37m) were both hugely instrumental in Nintendo’s business focus over the next several years of relentlessly chasing after that wider market. It’s what made them think launching a console with yet another NSMB game as one of the only flagship releases was a good idea.

Nintendo wanted similar sales numbers for the 3D Mario games so badly that, in Europe, Galaxy 2 shipped with a hilariously condescending instructional DVD.


It’s not one of the ones you mentioned, but I’ve been subscribed to The Athletic (for anyone who isn’t familiar, it’s a subscription-only online sports magazine/news site that does national work and local coverage for I believe every team in the main four US sports) for about five months now, and not only is it one of the few journalistic ventures that seems to be thriving right now, but being subscription-funded also clearly allows it to hire excellent writers who have the freedom to do some really fantastic work. And no ads, which is always a plus.


@ArcturusOne @diglett @Pearlmania

Addressed this request here. Believe me, this is something not only that I would love to snap my fingers and make happen, but something that Joel, the rest of the Waypoint team, and I put substantial time into making happen last year, only to hit a lot of (expected and unexpected) roadblocks. Once you start dealing with point of sale systems, the handling of private user information, the development of a delivery mechanism for subscriber-only content, etc., you’re talking about things that require the alignment of an entire, multi-billion dollar company towards those goals, which only happens if we can prove that it’s more than just our die hard fans that want this. As often as it seems like we’re operating in our own little corner of VICE, we’re actually just one more organ in a body, and the kidneys don’t determine how the stomach gets fed.

Obviously, this is still something on a big picture goal list for us, and something that could change in the future. But please know that we know that this is something a lot of y’all want!

Would you pay for Waypoint premium subscription?

I shouldn’t say this as a mod, but I hope VICE sees the potential in the Waypatreon

(I’m sorry Mr Walker please don’t sack me)


I always appreciate your transparency, even if it makes me worry about y’all even more. Whatever winds up needing done, I trust y’all to do it and I’m sure people like me will be ready to support however we can. I hope 2019 is kinder, Mr. EIC.


I’m not going to be the one to subtly suggest setting up a roll-playing podcast that has a patreon that is secretly a front for getting “subscription” money into Waypoint.


This episode is really good – I really enjoyed the GDQ discussion, since it has become put of my yearly games calendar too. I think that GDQ has, at least in its front-facing persona, cleaned up its act a lot over the last few years. It still has more uncomfortable or bad segments than is ideal (Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion was pretty rough!), but it has been a few events since there’s been at least one bald-faced transphobic statement live on air. That’s an improvement!

I think a good mix of old and new has been found with the runs. They’ve managed to keep the format fresh while still featuring the fan favourite games like Super Metroid by delving into alternative categories. I’d definitely like to see them continue to do work with things like the Super Mario Sunshine Lockout Bingo (which Danielle mentioned in this episode) in the future too.


I’ve recently gone back to New Super Mario Bros. U (on the Wii U) after similarly writing it off after the underwhelming early stages, and yeah, it definitely picks up. I’m not sure if there’s a single inflection point where it gets good, but I started enjoying it more in the third or fourth world, and it has a nice ramp-up in difficulty and complexity from there. It solidly executes the modern Mario design trope of introducing a new mechanic in each level, then immediately throwing them away before they get too rote. Some levels have a proto-Mario Maker feel in the way they throw familiar enemies and powerups together in playful ways, or with puzzly elements like requiring you to carry certain items through the stage to open secret areas.

It’ll be interesting to see how it’s received now that it’s on an actually successful console, and further removed from the New Super Mario fatigue.


As one of Patrick’s Twitch moderators I do think that, despite Twitch’s rudimentary moderation tools, we did a decent job in managing the chat during the height of the popularity of the Ryckert vs Klepek Super Mario Maker series.

We were definitely not occasional moderators either! I’m pretty proud of the job we did.