We Talk PAX, Grievances, Question Buckets on Waypoint Radio Live


Forgive us, father, for we are about to sin.​

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This was an excellent episode and really fun to attend in person!

In particular someone asked the question “as a white cishet male, how do I help marginalized people?” The discussion had some great advice for anyone in a similar situation, and codifies what we expect from members of our community.

Also I wanted to give a quick shout out to my friend for her top-notch PUBG cosplay (complete with Twitch pants and a foam frying pan) that was mentioned during the episode:

Steve also got a picture during the panel! https://twitter.com/Fobwashed/status/904152163827433475


Patrick no Baka


That bit where Austin’s “Yall ever see a take so bad you immediately go to sleep” tweet got quoted gave me flashbacks to an article I was unfortunate enough to come across super recently, roughly entitled “Dark Souls 2 is the worst game ever made”.

Fuckin, yo, not on my fuckin’ planet.

Real god damn releif to find out that it reads like it was written in Enchanted Molten Arse, forming the Worst Possible Words by Decree Of The Ass Sorcerer.


Patrick confirmed for “irredeemable mouth”.

I’m still listening to this, but this sounds like a super amazing panel. Hopefully y’all get to keep doing great live shows going forward!

(P.S. @Niko I love your friend’s cosplay!!!)





You all should do these live studio audience shows more often. This was great.


I bought PAX tickets from a guy at my office two days before this panel, mostly just to see this panel. Did not disappoint.


Danika I also loved From a New World which seemed to be really unappreciated when it came out? I dunno, you just don’t hear about it much which is a shame.