We Talk Race in Games and EA Woes with Former Mass Effect Dev Manveer Heir


Earlier this week EA shut down Visceral Studios, leaving many to wonder about the future of linear, AAA single player games. It's a complex topic, which is why we're grateful that we got to sit down and talk about it with Manveer Heir, a 12-year veteran of the industry who worked on games including Mass Effect 3, Andromeda, and Wolfenstein (2009). We also dig into issues of representation, toxic work cultures, harassment, and talk about how to make the games industry a better place. We're optimistic, we swear—it's just gonna be a lot of work!

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Podcast #106 - Urban White

As long as we keep fighting, we can make change happen!


I’m not the Andrew Wilson from EA (You can tell by my lack of an Australian accent*, massive beard, and inability to pull off a shark-skin suit jacket.), but I am AN Andrew Wilson and a big fan of the podcast, so I feel entirely comfortable accepting your shout-out on his behalf.

*Full disclosure: I made a long (largely unsuccessful) run at being an actor as a child, including years professional voice training, so it’s really just the beard and outweighing him by 200 pounds.


That GDC talk, “Misogyny, Racism and Homophobia: Where Do Video Games Stand?” by Manveer Heir, their guest.


First of all, this is an awesome podcast.

Secondly, the ad break called for at 35:08 does not contain an ad!!! That might be a big oops.


This was actually a really good and informative episode. I feel like the guest was super honest about everything and did not try to shy around the problems and was not scared to throw shade on people and companies that deserve it. I hope we get similar episodes in the future.


This was a good cast. I was wondering what Manveer was up to since leaving bioware. I guess the answer is dealing with burnout plus nothing he can talk about yet.


Waypoint Radio this week is brought to you by the quiet incongruity of absence.


Fantastic episode!


Such a great episode. Wish you folks could have gone in on Andromeda’s story a little more. The obvious colonization angle and the lousy attempts to deflect that (by having the Kett beat the MW species to the punch) made me so angry.


Goddamn, this was a great podcast.


I have to admire just not playing an ad instead of cutting the throw to the ad itself (more importantly this was an awesome podcast and Manveer seems like an awesome person).


This episode was exceptional. It was refreshing to hear a gamedev speak so openly and honestly about their experiences.


I was surprised by Manveer’s frankness in this episode. We’re often on the outside saying “man, I wish I could hear the story behind that trainwreck…” and Manveer gives some pretty good insight into why some games turn out the way they do… Not that it couldn’t be guessed, but it’s nice to hear it directly from someone actually involved.


Absolutely agreeing with what @ryland said. Massive chops to Heir for being so open and happy to talk about their experiences in the industry and great guidance on the discussion from Riendeau too.

As Walker says, he knows when he’s got a good one, and he sure does now.


People already said it but yes, very nice to hear such honest talk from a developer. What if that could be the norm in the industry instead.


Damn that was tops


Really enjoyed this episode, it’s fascinating to get this kind of extremely frank discussion.


This episode was extremely insightful. I also went back and watched Manveer’s GDC 2014 talk and he said some really good things there too.


Big ups for this ep.

Are industry guests a thing Waypoint is pursuing? Or just a thing hat happened to work out here?