We Talk Streaming, Fighting, and More with UFC Champion Demetrious Johnson

11-time UFC Flyweight champion (and prolific game streamer) Demetrious Johnson joined Austin and myself today for a chat about Battlegrounds, fighting games, and MMA. "Mighty Mouse" came prepared, with plenty to say about streaming platforms, esports casting, fans, and the business of putting on a good show.

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That is the coolest guest ever! Demetrious is an incredible athlete and fighter, and one of the most criminally underutilized and exposed fighters the UFC has. Awesome to see him hear of all places.

I believe this is his Twitch channel for anyone interested. Great podcast as always and hope the awesome guest line up continues!

Absolutely loved this episode! I’m a big MMA fan, and DJ is my second favorite fighter right now, so yeah this was really awesome!

Still looking for that 50 on 50 PUBG match Austin brought up a second time here. Anyone have the elusive link?

The guy I’ve seen do it is StoneMountain64 and it should be archived on his twitch. He’s done it a couple of times but I think the first one was kind of a mess. The second one they figured out communication and it worked well.