We Won't Spoil 'Kingdom Hearts III,' But We Can Tell You If It's Fun


lol I literally came here after hearing that to see if anybody else had noticed. Yeah, that’s definitely in there.


Hey random question here and I really don’t mean to be rude and if it comes across as that I apologize, but what exactly does Natalie do at Waypoint? I’m fairly new to the site: I know Danielle hosts the Friday pod and writes, Patrick seems like a dedicated writer, Austin is EIC, Rob also writes and hosts Waypoints, and Cado produces and stuff. Again, I really don’t mean to be rude I’m just new and barely just figured out everyone’s names


Danielle triggered a very specific memory for me in this episode as I too read through the full Tips & Tricks walkthrough of Resident Evil 2 about twenty years ago! My mom would sometimes let us wait in a toystore during my sister’s piano lesson and I can vividly remember standing this one aisle reading the RE2 walkthrough multiple times because I was way too scared to play the game (let alone the fact that I didn’t have a PlayStation) but also very entranced by it—something about the game having two different character routes…


Natalie’s title is Livestream Producer, so she does a lot of the work with the livestreaming that Waypoint does from time to time (and even when Waypoint isn’t streaming, there’s still setup work going on there). She also writes for the site.

(It’s also worth noting that Klepek also hosts Be Good & Rewatch It, which I am given to understand is in its own feed and is worth checking out!)

Does anyone have timestamps for the Kingdom Hearts discussion so I can check past it? I am sure it doesn’t have spoilers but I don’t really want ~the takes~ while I’m still playing it. Nobody can dissuade me from hot Marluxia


Patrick’s complaints that the worlds are barren and empty is a bit odd since these worlds are actually a great deal more lively than they were in past games. There are actually towns with NPCs every so often. This is all a huge improvement over KH2’s flat arenas. I guess he hasn’t seen how bad it can get though…

For these kinds of character action games, you’re going to have long stretches of hallways with nothing but bad guys. Bayonetta has them, God of War has them, that’s basically standard.


Based on their discussion, it sounds like he was just passed Mt. Olympus. And the first time through that level there are only a couple NPCs. But yeah, when you go back, and also in later levels, they feel so lively!


Okay what if gummi ships are not made of gummies or anything else that look like gummies. GUMMI is a taylorist factory organized by Chip and Dale for the efficient production and refit of ugly spaceships. The factory is modeled after the Fremont California NUMMI plant, an attempt to learn manufacturing techniques from Japanese automakers. Chip and Dale don’t appear to have employees so unless there’s some labour laundering going on they’re just really into utopian manufacturing LARP.

Note that there’s no obvious sign of bankruptcy troubles for the GUMMI plant so we have no reason to believe that it was physically purchased later by Tesla. Elon Musk is not in Kingdom Hearts.