Website Accessibility



I decided to do some very high-level look at the Waypoint site as it pertains to accessibility (a11y) and noticed that there are some updates that could happen.

The big concern is having to tab through the site has some issues, specially with the menu drawer not being hidden when closed.

Also it seems the focus ring is hidden, which gives a lot of issues for people trying to tab through content.

Love to talk more and open it up to anybody else who sees issues.


Hey, carl!

Thank you for reaching out to us about this. The Waypoint staff have forwarded this over to Vice’s tech team to review and take a look into it. We appreciate your feedback & bringing the issues to attention. Let us know if you have any other comments about the main Waypoint site in this regard.


Sure thing! There are plenty more that can be updated (example close captioning on videos) that your team can look into more. I understand you use a CMS controlled by VICE, so you have limited control of what you can change. I’m in the same boat at my company.

One you might be able to control is that the text for description on your cards can be hard to read in both contrast and size. Just bumping the size up and moving the color from #777777 to say #585858 can help make the copy more legible.

PS. Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t know I had a reply.