Weekly Question - Week 1 - Favorite time to play games

So I have really been missing the Waypoint daily threads we had when the forums were first introduced, and have been thinking on bringing something similar back for a while. I liked the sort of rhythm it brought to the space, and I’d like to bring that back in some capacity. I figured a weekly basis would be a good place to start.

For the first week, I wanted to start with something simple: When is your favorite time to game?

Answer however you want to interpret. Perhaps it’s after work, perhaps you have a monthly ttrpg session with a group, maybe it’s the early hours in the morning after the release of a game.

For myself, my favorite time to game is any weekend morning. Over the years I have slowly become a morning person, and since being able to work from home and self-isolate during the pandemic, I my morning personess has only intensified. One of my favorite rituals I’ve grown to doing is waking up around 7:00 AM or so on the weekend, making some tea/coffee, and playing a few matches of magic, or a few runs of a roguelike/lite or similar runs based game. I won’t get into anything very story heavy usually or requiring a larger time commitment, but its been the highlight of many of my week’s whenever I get a chance to ease into a weekend like that.


12:30am - 3:00am, and I couldn’t tell you why. Depression & insomnia are a heck of a drug.


Friday night. Work’s done, dinner’s eaten, no commitments in the morning. Just straight uncut gaming.


Since working from home, I’ve started really liking getting an hour or two in before work in the morning. It’s like a quick jolt of something engaging before I have to start working for serious. The only issue is sometimes it spills over into work time.

A close second is playing a game in the evenings while my mom watches a TV show that I’m semi-invested in. Used to be The Mindy Project and Dragon Quest Builders 2, currently is Gilmore Girls and Dragon Quest XI (and potentially Link’s Awakening).


I really like playing a 15-20 hour game over the weekend. Start on Friday, play all day Saturday, finish on Sunday and then I have time to think about it and read stuff about it on Sunday evening.

I can only do that when I don’t have any other plans that weekend, but it’s nice to be able to dive into something and then pretty much be done with it.


@Hache my depression manifests in falling asleep super early, which also probably explains why I wake up so early all the time :neutral_face:. Though I do sometimes like starting new games after midnight. Night in the Woods was that kind of game for me.

@shokster826 I wish I could play something before work, but I have a lot of trouble playing something knowing I’ll have to do something Important later in the day. And when I lived with my parents I absolutely did the same thing. I played through much of Dark Souls 1+2/with Frasier on in the background

@NightDuck I love this myself, though rarely find the game or opportunity that sucks me in like that. Though that certainly happened to me with Rain World earlier this year


I loved staying up super late to play games when I was younger but these days I’m definitely a morning gamer. Weekend mornings like Glorgu described are great but even better are those delicious vacation mornings. I actually prefer starting something big at this time, like a Total War campaign or an RPG, even if it’s just a normal Saturday. There’s something tantalizing about the morning and this feeling of time stretching out in front of you, and sinking into one of those “time eater” games does it for me, even though in reality it’s a fantasy and Sunday night will come crashing down before the campaign ends.


My favorite time to play games is the morning as well! It’s when I feel most alert and able to engage. Unfortunately, due to a bunch of stuff, I rarely get the chance to play games in the morning, even on weekends. This past Thanksgiving weekend was an exception though. I sunk HOURS of morning game time into Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and it was great!

A weekly prompt thread is a great idea btw!


I finish work a few hours before my partner, so I take that opportunity to get a quick workout in then kick back with The Videogames.

On weekends I’m also partial to the post-morning activity gaming sesh. Usually after having done something that we both wanted to get out of the way. Lil reward for smashing out those Saturday chores.


I’ve been doing this recently with my ma as we watch a soap that we watched back when I was a lot younger. Playing Disco Elysium for three hours a week in the company of my mum has been a nice way to experience that game.

To answer the thread question my favourite time to play games has been the pandemic. I always feel like I don’t have a lot of time to myself because of capitalism and having to make a living so being given a load of extra spare time has been nice to unwind and game what with being told to stay indoors. I’m saving lives by playing my PS4/ Xbone for 10 hours a day.

Morning gaming sounds like such a buzz. I really am going to become a morning person in 2021, I love being awake early but I also can’t go to bed at a reasonable time.


Finding time to game during this pandemic has been hard. Not because I have no free time, but playing video games has often felt like another kind of work, instead of pure r&r, and my day job is already just so much right now. It doesn’t help that I am very much not a morning person and my day job schedule right now is like 8:30-5.

When I have time off, I generally like to game when I have the whole day ahead of me, but I tend to get distracted and hyper focus on said distractions, so it’s not uncommon for me to look at the clock and go “damn it’s already 5 pm?! why am I not playing my stories?!”

I guess my answer is just “whenever I can dude”


Friday night after work for me. I’m a night owl, so I enjoy getting to stay up till the early hours of the morning doing some good ol’ fashioned gaming. and if I’m feeling particularly mischievous, I may order some takeout and have a nice drink as well :relieved:


I don’t have a consistent enough schedule to say ‘9am’ or anything specific, but I probably am in the best place to play games for a while after I’ve made a pot of coffee and a snacky breakfast. It takes me like an hour or two to drink two cups of coffee and eat four slices of plain toast, because I am probably just taking a sip between each chamber in Hades.


I tend to wake up pretty early and it’s nice to start the day off with some games. Getting a couple hours in before the sun comes up just helps to put me in a better mood to start the day off with. And I don’t have to pay attention to what time it is because I know it’s time to stop gaming and start my day when the sun comes through the window and covers my screen in a big ol’ glare.

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Weekend mornings are the best. I’m broken from capitalism and can’t sleep past 7. So I put on a pot of coffee, send out a ping to my regular group, and we’ll shoot the shit and play some casual Overwatch or something. Good times.


This is also me, but in addition to capitalism my cat will start wailing and knocking shit over if I don’t get up at 6:30. Good times.


Lunch break. I need a new job where they give us more than just a half fucking hour too. It’s the punishment for having no premiums for the health plan but still.


In the evening when I’m wearing sweats or pajamas and my cat has decided instead of sitting on the mouse pad that my lap looks a lot warmer.


10 pm-2 am, 4 am if I care more about the game then whatever crap I’m stuck with the next day. Either way I was going to wake up exhausted anxious and angry. Put me down as another on the “depression means I can’t do anything during daylight hours.”


Friday Night. Watch Mandalorian. Eat pizza. Join friends online for Sea of Thieves. Have beer (or rum).

Also I would say Sunday afternoon is when I prefer to play strategy games or slower paced more cerebal games.