Weekly Thread! Favorite Game Artists / Fan Artists

Video games, in addition to being art themselves, are surrounded by amazing, adorable, or sometimes just amusingly unusual art.

The concept art that inspires the sprites and models that make it into the game. The pulp novel-esque box art of early video games. The cartoons on the edges of the page in game manuals. The empty landscapes and detailed designs printed in an art book. The portraits and textures found in the games themselves. The fan art that’s inspired by the game, and often bridges the gap between what the game is and what someone wishes it could be.

What are some of your favorite pieces of video game art? Do you have any favorite art books? Who are some of your favorite artists in the industry?

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This one is easy for me.

I stan Jenn Ravenna Tran. She is a queer asian artist who recently left Wizards of the Coast (not on great terms, bc wotc) https://twitter.com/JennRavenna/status/1374904029898108930

As well as other games, but recently left the games industry https://twitter.com/JennRavenna/status/1371902686338052097

photography on point https://twitter.com/JennRavenna/status/1368358316686987265

to pursue her dream of being a film director. You can watch her latest short film: ‘And Then’, here: https://twitter.com/JennRavenna/status/1377362209571958787

And you can back her next film ‘Death’s Diner’ here (I am a backer of both): https://twitter.com/JennRavenna/status/1375527943024173057

She has the most amazing sense of color I’ve seen recently, both in her art and in her color correction tutorials from Patreon (and posted on twitter) https://twitter.com/JennRavenna/status/1365398972576096256


Riot’s lead animator is also a bananas talented charcoal artist: https://lanabachynski.com/


I want to start off with a couple of fanfic recommendations. First off is I’ve Done This Before (but i’ll be better this time) by Serie11. It’s a retelling of the beginning of Horizon Zero Dawn but told from a New Game+ perspective where Aloy remember things that already happened and are going to happen again. It’s a really concept that I’m surprised I haven’t seen in more fanworks.

Next is Counting Stars by Cinis which is a Dark Souls 2 fanfic about Lucatiel. I haven’t read a ton of Dark Souls fic but I feel like this one absolutely nails the tone and style of Dark Souls’ writing.

And finally, the Voidstrike Drabbles series by Aifrit. It’s a series of short fics about Bangalore and Wraith from Apex Legends, who are my current favorite rarepair. It’s a fun series and Aifrit is a great writer.

Betty Jiang is an artist in the animation industry who also does art for games from time to time and did this incredible piece of Lady Maria from Bloodborne

hungry_clicker posts amazing art just about every day and just today did this fantastic piece of King from King of Fighters (presumably because she was just announced for KOFXV).

Darya is an Iranian-American artist that has done a lot of fantastic Final Fantasy fanart. I really like this silly FFXIII comic and also this one of Fang, Vanille, and Lightning in casual clothes.

I don’t see much fanart for the Syberia games so I was surprised and excited when I saw this piece by Pipes of Kate Walker from the upcoming Syberia game.

Mühe has mostly done fanart of AC Odyssey and Valhalla and I wanted to shout out this piece of Kassandra and Roxana as a particular favorite.

Finally, my friend Pandora made a plasticine figure of Somsnosa from Hylics and it is extremely cool in my completely unbiased opinion.


So many cool artists have done character designs for old games where their designs are turned into cute lil 6x6 pixel sprites. Illusions of Gaia, for instance, had the legendary shoujo mangaka Moto Hagio do character design.


Speaking of character designers, Paradise Killer had some of the best I’ve ever seen. The illustrator was Gigalithic, they are pretty cool. They did fanart of the sexy Castlevania vampire from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX for a YGO podcast.

There are many, many more indie game artists I want to link - but I’m on my phone, so I’ll be back later with other cool ones and links to their Twitter.


I think Yasushi Suzuki’s art is underappreciated. His breadth in games hasn’t been super big, but it’s very cool. He worked on games like Ikaruga and the Sin & Punishment series. His art reminds me a bit of Yoshitako Amano’s work, actually.




Back with a few more cool ones.

I started playing Creature in the Well since it was free on EGS last week, and I really love the look. Pretty sure Adam Volker does a lot of the art, and is doing art for their next game, Stonefly.

Disco Elysium’s art direction is quite lovely, the brushstrokes and everything really give it a unique look and the environmental designs are memorable. The art director is Alexander Rostov - here’s a tweet with links to the whole art teams’ artstations, though, they all look quite cool.

There’s an indie game coming out this year called She Dreams Elsewhere, and the artist Nesterova does the cover art and tons of character art that is just gorgeous. Here’s the cover art for the OST.

Also, I don’t follow too many fan artists since I’ve kind of drifted out of fandom spaces after one too many wild discourse days, but one fan artist I like who does game stuff (Pathologic, MGS, others) sometimes but mostly I follow for Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is splatbones. Here’s some of their cool Pathologic art: