Weird moving drawings on your computer screen - Independent animation thread


Post weird independent animations here and talk about how cool and weird they are.

Late Night Work Club’s STRANGERS. A compilation of strange works about strangers in vastly different styles. Each part is so wild and lurid that it’s hard to watch the whole 40 minute compilation without a break.

DOUBLE KING by Felix Colgrave. A short film about a weird monster’s quest to obtain more crowns.


I didn’t think I needed an animated short about regicide this morning, but I loved that thanks!


Marc and Emma are excellent. Really looking forward to their new work, This Magnificent Cake, that’s been making its way though the festivals, but I suspect Oh Willy… will always be my favorite.


I’m sure everyone here is familiar with Scott Benson’s fantastic work, but any excuse to repost this little gem!


These are both from a few years back but I still think about them fairly often just for how rad the designs are–


Not sure if this counts but my partner and I have started making gifs together