Weird Word Amnesia


I’m not talking about writing something and forgetting what that word was. I’m talking about writing, reading, or even saying a word and having the weird feeling as if you’re seeing/hearing it for the first time. Like I typed in the word “name” for an excel sheet for work, paused, and thought… “wait that’s how that’s spelled? But that looks so weird. It sounds weird too. Name, name, name” and you keep looking at it and saying it in your head. It’s obvious it’s you and not the word but you’re brain has a bit of trouble parsing it for a while. Until 2 minutes later when you go like “Oh of course! “NAME”! yeah I know that word! Use it all the time in fact!”

This is a weird phenomena. It’s happened quite a few times in my life before and I know it’s not unique to me but how crazy does this make me look? I’m curious. Any writers have this happen to them all the time. Is there a name for this phenomena?


i do manga typesetting work and this happens sometimes when i have to just stare at a word to make it fit inside a bubble. i think it’s cause my brain is looking at the word as a shape and not as a series of letters, so when i go to read it again it looks completely wrong. it’s really weird and i find myself only getting it during work