Welcome to City Pop Saturdays!

Today’s the day we’re all required to post our favorite songs and albums in this easy, grooving genre of '80s tunes!

I offer to you all: Tatsuro Yamashita’s hit single “Ride on Time,” from the album of the same name

Did Tatsuro Yamashita have the best hair in City Pop? That’s for you to decide!


YES!!! God, I love this website.

Tatsuro Yamashita is a divine being, but I’ve lately been really diving into Toshiki Kadomatsu’s work, this track grooves so hard it hurts:

I’m also never quite confident if Casiopea counts as City Pop or just straight Fusion/Smooth Jazz, but they’re immaculate regardless:

I am unspeakably happy this thread exists now, keep those chill jams a-comin’!!


I’ll most likely come back to this thread as the day goes and I think if more of my go-to 80’s jams.


EDIT: Did not read this closely while wandering through like a SADDO Hah go reading comprehension and posted my ACTUAL JAMS


city pop’s a great go-to “feel good” music for when you need to relax. maybe it’s the best music for a Saturday morning.

my fave Yamashita track is HOT SHOT which has 2 ridiculous guitar solos. here’s a live version that absolutely RIPS:

that whole concert is worth listening to cause the music’s good and, at least to me, it’s amazing that there’s a decently recorded Tatsuro Yamashita show from 1980 just chilling on Youtube.

Toshiki Kadomatsu is great too and my fave by him was (I think?) only released as a single, I MUST CHANGE MY LIFE & LOVE FOR ME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF2Vn844K3o

and I’ll throw in a real funky one too, Makoto Matsushita - First Light: https://youtu.be/4ESWmrPmJA8


God, yes, City Pop is supreme!!!
Both Tatsuro Yamashita and Toshiki Kadomatsu are absolutely bae, in voice and sound and picture. :+1:

Here’s one of my favourite jams, by ANRI: Good Bye Boogie Dance!
(It’s the first track of the album & video.)

And maybe this leans more into regular 80s J-Pop, but I love Mari Ijima’s work too. Here’s a track from Rosé, her debut album (which was arranged by Ryuichi Sakamoto!)
Macross fans will know her as the voice of the one and only Lynn Minmay in the original Macross series!


This Katsumi Horii is astonishing, thanks for this!!!

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Wow, what a cool find! Yamashita’s stuff sounds like it must be a blast to perform live


Yeah it’s like one of the first city pop albums I was ever linked after telling a music friend I really dug Sega Mega Drive music when it got funky and they were like “MY DUDE CHECK THIS OUT”

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The first time I listened to this I wasn’t sure about the Peter Frampton-esque vocoder thing going on with the verses, but it’s grown on me. By the time that chorus hits tho, this song just carries me.


I went on a little City Pop journey today and discovered this, I’m absolutely In Love:


I JUST listened to that a few minutes ago and immediately went and downloaded the album, haha. it’s incredible.

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Thank you all for contributing—so many good tunes!

When I think of Miharu Koshi, I usually remember her more out-there experimental stuff, but there’s a lot to recommend in her earlier, more conventional albums too. Here’s Casually Drinking my Ginger Ale / Pocketful Love Song, two songs from around the time she was starting to experiment with harsher beats and pushier synths:


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It’s not every day, or even every year I learn about a music genre I totally missed. Thanks everyone, you’re all awesome!


I love the Miharu Koshi records I’ve heard, but they’re the more eclectic ones - I’ll have to check her earlier stuff out!

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Toshiki Kadomatsu is my guy.

god this video rules. he so elegantly commands that standing electric drum set.

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Speaking of Kadomatsu, the 2017 rerelease of Sea is a Lady is like 3 days away, and like:

This is one of his more his Jazz Fusion style of albums, but it’s pretty heckin’ good. Just a few days more now!

Also, some friendly internet people pointed me in the direction of Piper quite recently, and I’m extremely thankful.


After pumping the entirety of Junko Yagami’s discography into my veins, I’m now trying to listen through the entirety of almost 40 albums of Hiromi Iwasaki but one of them is enough to knock me out for a month. It’s that good.

This one especially gets me going, her voice is entrancing

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I just listened to a couple Junko Yagami albums. Mellow Cafe really caught my attention (big big fan of Eurasian/If You Ever back-to-back).


Oh my god, I didn’t know the Kadomatsu was so close!!

Don’t have anything to contribute here, just wanted to thank you all for posting this stuff. Never heard this type of music before (because I don’t have any culture) and you made my saturday sooo much better!

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