Welcome to the Gundam show! (Image Intensive)

What’s shaking, pilots?

Do you have a big robot model kit you’re working on? Or something you’re really proud of? Or want to just tell about how cool Zakus are?

Post it here!

Doesn’t have to be grand master level quality, we should all support each other in our Gunpla journey.

We don’t discriminate across media either, all gunpla are welcome! Be it UC, Neon Genesis, Macross, Armoured Core, whatever! As long as it’s plastic (or resin! [or Gundarium!]), drop it here and tell us about it :grin:

I’ve just finished off an MG RX-178 Gundam mkII, it was such a lovely build! Solid as heck too, there’s a real action figure feel here which I love in a kit.