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We have a DISCORD SERVER! Here’s the invite code - https://discord.gg/D9SNyqT


Thanks for the welcome and the tips!



Hello! Would you mind refreshing the Discord Server invite link? I’m taken to an ‘invite has expired’ page when I click on the current one.




Aw man, I guess I missed this one before it expired too! Any chance of another? :slight_smile:



Is there an updated Discord invite? It appears the existing invite has expired. Thanks!


I believe the Discord is private for a little while until the NeoGAF stuff calms down. In general, though, there’s a thread where the mods keep an updated invite link. And because we’re all about superfluous URLs around these parts, you can reach it from this redirect:


I’d suggest enabling notifications for that thread to in order to be alerted once invites are open again.


Thanks for the update. I was on the Waypoint discord at one point, but it has disappeared for some reason.