Welcoming Gita Jackson to Waypoint Radio!

This makes me so happy.


Joshua Rivera is leaving too. Is this Deadspinexit 2?

Jim Spanfeller released a seriously stupid memo to the company this afternoon accusing the writers of trying to take control away (and how dare writers control a writing company) and being unfair to him.

EDIT: Looks it’s just those two. And Jim Spanfeller’s bullshit made them leave. They basically tell him “fuck you” on their way out. https://kotaku.com/goodbye-from-josh-and-gita-1840936478


the fact that one man can drive a company in to the ground and nobody can do anything about it is incredible to me. #nomorebosses


The first review I remember reading from Gita is this one about Pokémon Let’s Go.

There’s also Professor Oak, who serves here, as always, in an almost parental role to the player character. When I defeated the Elite Four and became Pokémon Champion, Professor Oak told me I had turned into a fine young woman.
That’s when I started to cry. A character from my childhood, a sometimes lonely childhood where my relationship to Pokémon was what kept me going, had reached out from the past to tell me that I was doing okay. It was like the feeling I get when my parents say they’re proud of me. I had completed my childhood, and I had become a strong, self-sufficient person, ready now to take on the world on my own.

She’s a great writer and tweeter, and Vice is lucky to have her. Can’t wait to hear her on Waypoint Radio!


This is a real nonoyes situation. I was super bummed (but not surprised) when I saw her farewell post on Kotaku, but I’m equally stoked, if not more, that she’ll be writing for Motherboard and joining the Waypoint podcast instead!


I’ve been missing a frequent woman’s voice on Waypoint Radio.


Awww shit, I can’t WAIT for the Sims discussions.


The first thing I thought when I saw the Kotaku headline was SHE NEEDS TO GO TO WAYPOINT. So happy to come here and see that’s the case.

A silver lining to a bleak GMG stormcloud.


I’ll admit I’m not very familiar with her work. I’ve seen her name around and everything, but hadn’t read a bunch of her work. Seeing all this excitement from not only the Waypoint crew, but everyone here has me really excited.

For some reason this

has got me the most excited. Something about discussing The Sims is just so calming and great to me. I always enjoy Abby’s Sim talk (and videos) on Giant Bomb. I’m excited to hear more from Gita!


Gita is a sims addict.

When you got the chance, watch the Black Widow challenge she did with Tim Rogers:

I’d love to see Austin and her jump into a Sims challenge. The Mafia dynasty challenges always sounded cool.


It was Gita who played the Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode with Austin where they found that vampire girl, right?

I can’t remember where I saw/heard/read that story, but it has stuck with me ever since.

I will most definitely check it out! That Dwarf Fortress story sounds good too! Gita sounds like a wonderful addition to the team!

Also getting a little bit of what her style and such are like, it’s a great reminder of what a bummer it is that the team doesn’t really do any video anymore :frowning:.

Welcome Gita! One of my favorite writers at Kotaku. Excited to have her on the pod.


Oh my god I’m SO excited about this


Welcome Gita!

Vice: Don’t Spanfeller this, for the love of gods.