We're all thinking it so let's just get it out of the way: which of these dads do you want to date?

For reference the names are, left to right:
Robert, Damien, Craig, Joseph, Mat, Hugo Brian

Personally my top three are Mat, Craig, and Robert, in that order (Hugo’s pretty good too). Mat is very much a strong first though, he looks like Lucio but also a hot english professor and I am Here For It.
UPDATE: setting up a poll so we can get some Big Data on this

  • Robert
  • Damien
  • Craig
  • Joseph
  • Mat
  • Hugo
  • Brian

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I am a thousand percent here for the dude on the far right.


Second to right is my pick
That professorly outfit is :ok_hand:

Craig, Mat, and Hugo for me.

… Also maybe Robert but I feel weird about it.

All of them, but top three: Robert, Damien, and Craig with Brian as the honorable mention.

i picked them all. i will date ALL these dads

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unregrettably scruffy leather jacket whiskey dad

I’m here for Dad Sephiroph second from the left and Professor Layton’s Collage Old Collage Buddy second from the right. Got a lot of time for Lucio’s Dad and the dude managing to look pretty baller with a baby strapped to his chest.

Honestly, I’d be with yall on Brian if he didn’t look like me with short hair.

Edit: Fuck it, I’m still with yall on Brian. I’d Do Me.


A professor with Magnum P.I.'s facial mise-en-scene…

Magnum Ph.D.

Honestly only Mat and Hugo look appealing to me from this lineup, but who knows, I haven’t gotten to know any of them…yet.
[edit:] whoever Danny voices will probably be the dad I date.

Scruffy and vampire dad are my favorites. I do love my creatures of the night.

But, being honest with myself, I’m dating all the dads.