We're all thinking it so let's just get it out of the way: which of these dads do you want to date?


For reference the names are, left to right:
Robert, Damien, Craig, Joseph, Mat, Hugo Brian

Personally my top three are Mat, Craig, and Robert, in that order (Hugo’s pretty good too). Mat is very much a strong first though, he looks like Lucio but also a hot english professor and I am Here For It.
UPDATE: setting up a poll so we can get some Big Data on this

  • Robert
  • Damien
  • Craig
  • Joseph
  • Mat
  • Hugo
  • Brian

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I am a thousand percent here for the dude on the far right.


Second to right is my pick
That professorly outfit is :ok_hand:


Craig, Mat, and Hugo for me.

… Also maybe Robert but I feel weird about it.


All of them, but top three: Robert, Damien, and Craig with Brian as the honorable mention.


i picked them all. i will date ALL these dads


unregrettably scruffy leather jacket whiskey dad


I’m here for Dad Sephiroph second from the left and Professor Layton’s Collage Old Collage Buddy second from the right. Got a lot of time for Lucio’s Dad and the dude managing to look pretty baller with a baby strapped to his chest.

Honestly, I’d be with yall on Brian if he didn’t look like me with short hair.

Edit: Fuck it, I’m still with yall on Brian. I’d Do Me.


A professor with Magnum P.I.'s facial mise-en-scene…

Magnum Ph.D.


Honestly only Mat and Hugo look appealing to me from this lineup, but who knows, I haven’t gotten to know any of them…yet.
[edit:] whoever Danny voices will probably be the dad I date.


Scruffy and vampire dad are my favorites. I do love my creatures of the night.

But, being honest with myself, I’m dating all the dads.